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  • The Importance of Surgical and Medical Asepsis

    It goes without saying that when entering a hospital, it is expected that the hospital is clean, sterile, and both patients and the healthcare workers are protected from harmful contamination.To ...


  • Ozone O3 Destroys Covid-19 Virus

    Ozone O3 Destroys Covid-19 Virus

    Ozone is considered to be one of the most powerful disinfectants to fight against the Covid-19 virus and other pathogens, hence market demand for ozone sensors and instruments has increased significantly. CitiSafe proudly supplies the SemeaTech ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Personal Monitor

    Personal Monitor

    Blackline Safety’s G7c leverages integrated 3G-cellular connectivity to wirelessly link your team to real people, while automating data analytics and compliance reporting. Should a gas leak, injury or health even occur, G7c confidently accounts for everyone’s wellbeing and whereabouts in real-time, so no call for help ever goes unanswered. Using the plug-and-play cartridges you can ...

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