Workplace Injuries

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  • Non-Belted Harness
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    Non-Belted Harness

    By FallTech

    Advanced ComforTech Gel Harness, Non-belted 1-D-ring, Back, Quick Connect Chest, Tongue Buckle Leg.

  • Temperature Sensitive Indicator
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    Temperature Sensitive Indicator

    By TIP TEMPerature Products

    Protect yourself, visitors, customers and employees from ice-related slip & fall accidents and injuries by installing an IceAlert System™ this year at your exit doors, on your walkways, and in your parking ...

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    Muscle Strength

    Muscle strength is an important topic for ergonomics practitioners and physiologists to understand, especially as it relates to workplace injuries. ...

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    Preventing and Managing Disabling Injury at Work

    Work-related disability is an increasingly important issue to organizations, in terms of cost, competitiveness, and social and ethical issues. ...

  • Industrial Ergonomics

    Employees can avoid unnecessary injuries with the following ergonomics education. Workspace customizing: tools, material and equipment selection, ...

  • Ergonomics: Solving The Puzzle (Poster)

    Posters keep sending the message!Give your employees a daily look at ergonomic tips that help reduce injuries, workers' comp costs and lost workdays. ...

  • Ergonomics: Signs And Symptoms (Video)

    When it comes to ergonomic injuries, you have to watch your back and know how to read the signs and symptoms. A mere twinge in the back should not ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Cassiday Schade LLP

    The Environmental and Toxic Injury Practice addresses the needs of clients who are or may be exposed to claims arising from the manufacture, sale or ...

  • Aware360 Ltd.

    Aware360 Ltd.

    Aware360 enhances peoples’ lives through the early identification and notification of risks and events to a trusted response center. Aware360 ...

  • The Safety Advisors

    The Safety Advisors is a thirty-four year old safety consulting firm that specializes in helping companies minimize all costs associated with work ...

  • McHaney & Associates, Inc.

    McHaney & Associates, Inc.

    McHaney & Associates, Inc. is a safety-consulting and training firm dedicated to reducing workplace injuries. Ronald R. McHaney, CSP, McHaney & ...

  • A & J Mixing International Inc.

    A & J Mixing International Inc.

    A & J Mixing International Inc. leads in high performance industrial mixers including single, double, sanitary, food, batch, continuous, cement ...