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Workplace Injuries equipment for Health and Safety

  • Premium

    TunnelTech - Model 503 - Electrochemical NO2 Monitor

    The TunnelTech 503 NO2 sensor, is an essential part of any road or rail tunnel safety system. Firstly, it monitors the atmosphere within the tunnel and ensures that the tunnel ventilation system provides sufficient clean air to protect tunnel users health. NO2 is produced naturally by the combustion processes within the internal combustion engine ...

    By Codel International Ltd based in Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Electrochemical NO2 Monitor Product line

  • FLEX MSE - Vegetated Wall System

    The Flex MSE  Vegetated Wall System uses the same globally accepted principles of Mechanically Stabilized Earth that  builders rely on for making massive  retaining walls. Geobag walls with less robust technology and components than Flex MSE have been built as high as 75ft tall, with great success. Our Second Generation interlocking ...


  • Robotronics - Model Andy the Ambulance™ - Remote Control Ambulance

    Andy the Ambulance™ is a remote control ambulance. Andy is an innovative and effective way to teach hazard awareness, injury prevention, and EMS promotion. Andy is a fully animated, industrial-grade safety education robot; he moves, carries on a 2-way conversation, plays music, and activates his lights and siren, all by remote control! Andy ...

    By Robotronics Inc. based in Springville, UTAH (USA). from Remote Control Ambulance Product line

  • Model 5000 - Air-Vacuum Excavation System

    The System 5000 is a commanding excavation tool — the only one you’ll need for underground utility location, repairs, maintenance, and installation. It uses intense air power to penetrate, expand and explode the soil from within while keeping it dry for easy vacuuming and quick backfilling. It’s versatile and adaptable and offers ...

    By Vacmasters, Div. Barone Inc. based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Hylifta - Materials Handling Elevator

    Hylifta Materials Handling Elevators provide a simple, safe and cost effective method of transferring goods between different floor levels.The option of door configuration means goods can be front loaded and then unloaded out of the front or rear at the upper level.Hylifta Materials Handling Elevators are maintenance-free and reliable, and ...

    By Simpro Handling Equipment Ltd based in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND. from Materials Handling Elevator Product line

  • Safety Management Systems

    Safety Management Systems are formal methods of measuring and evaluating both individual and organizational safety performance with an importance focused on continuous improvement.

    By National Safety Council based in Itasca, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Ethylene

    LyondellBasell is a leading producer of ethylene. Ethylene and its co-products and derivatives are fundamental to many segments of the economy, including the production of consumer products, packaging, housing and automotive components and other durable and non-durable goods. Now access LyondellBasell Product Documents, such as Polymers Technical ...

    By LyondellBasell based in Netherlands, NETHERLANDS. from Ethylene Product line

  • Pacific Sentry - Small Animal Ammonia Sensor

    Pacific Sentry's Small Animal Ammonia Sensor conveniently monitors and detects ammonia in animal habitats on a continuous basis. Simply attach the sensor to the inside of the cage/habitat at ground level and relatively close to where the animal spends the majority of its time (for multi-level cages it is recommended to have a sensor for each ...

    By Pacific Sentry LLC based in Redmond, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Pacific-Sentry - Ammonia/PH Aqua Sensor

    The Ammonia/p.H. sensor enables visual monitoring of toxic ammonia (NH3) and p.H. levels in aquaria water on a continuous basis. Simply attach it in a visible location with both sensor pads completely immersed. With initial use, wait about 15 minutes for sensors to hydrate before first reading. Thereafter they respond quickly (1-5 minutes). 'This ...

    By Pacific Sentry LLC based in Redmond, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Ultra Grate Lifter and Ultra Grate Hook

    The Grate Lifter allows single person grate lifting which reduces personnel and maintenance costs. Unit lifts up to 400 lbs and is ergonomically designed to minimize potential injuries associated with heavy lifting. The Grate Lifter is available with an optional Carrying Case for easy transport. The Heavy Duty steel Grate Hook fits all grates and ...

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Training Network - Model 2709-DV - Laboratory Ergonomics

    Many of the activities performed in a laboratory can exert stress and strain on muscles and joints... ultimately causing significant injuries. To work safely and maintain good ergonomic health, employees need to know how to avoid movements and work patterns that can be harmful. This training program discusses the need to set up work areas ...

    By The Training Network based in Durham, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • G-Force - Model Q - Intelligent Assist Lifting Devices

    Capacities from 165 to 1320 lbs. Speeds up to 200 ft. per minute. Can cover multiple work cells. Rapid return on investment through increased productivity and reduced product damage. Decreases risk of operator injury creating a safer work environment. Higher environmental ratings (more tolerant to dust and liquid). Enhances job performance.

    By Gorbel Inc. based in Fishers, NEW YORK (USA). from Intelligent Assist Lifting Devices Product line

  • G-Force - Model iQ - Intelligent Assist Device

    Capacities from 165 to 1320 lbs. Speeds up to 200 ft. per minute Can cover multiple work cells Rapid return on investment through increased productivity and reduced product damage Decreases risk of operator injury creating a safer work environment Higher environmental ratings (more tolerant to dust and liquid) Enhances job performance

    By Gorbel Inc. based in Fishers, NEW YORK (USA). from Intelligent Assist Device Product line

  • Model 6000 - Air-Vacuum Excavation System

    Now pothole and trench in more difficult soils faster than ever before with the never-before-seen power of the new SYSTEM 6000. Designed from the ground up to: Lower costs through efficiency. Reduce injuries. Eliminate damage claims.

    By Vacmasters, Div. Barone Inc. based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • Super - Model 15- & 10-lb Bag - Absorbent

    This 10-lb package is the convenient little brother of the STARDUST 25-lb bag (See Part # D225). It makes it easy to use STARDUST Super Absorbent™ for smaller spills. STARDUST is the safe, thorough, and easy way to instantly absorb spills of any kind of liquid on contact—and sweep them away! It works immediately, on hazardous or ...

    By Paradigm International, Inc. based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Absorbent Product line

  • Model PP - Premium Pipettes

    Features: Abdos Premium Pipettes are lightweight, ergonomic with low force design, Volume settings can be clearly read through digital display, Abdos Premium Pipettes are easy to calibrate and maintain with the tools supplied, Abdos Premium Pipettes are Semi-Autoclavable. 5. Abdos Premium Pipettes are designed to avoid repetitive strain injuries, ...

    By Abdos Labtech Pvt Limited based in Jasola, INDIA. from Premium Pipettes Product line

  • AIRLANCO - AIRAUGER Systems Combine Energy-Saving Aeration with Hazard-Free Unloading

    The AIRAUGER System by AIRLANCO excels at both aerating and unloading storage facilities. If you store perishables like grain or processed foodstuffs, the AIRAUGER System helps maintain proper temperature and moisture levels. During unloading, the AIRAUGER System lets you unload safely and thoroughly – whether you work with grain or other ...

    By AIRLANCO based in Falls City, NEBRASKA (USA).

  • Ergonomics: Solving The Puzzle (Trainer`s Toolkit)

    Back pains and other slight injuries at work are not a mystery. Put the pieces of this puzzle together to keep your employees physically and mentally fit and comply with OSHA's Ergonomic Standards. A sound work environment means healthy employees and a more efficient workflow. This training tool explains how to integrate ergonomic principles into ...

  • Enrust - Rust Converter

    A safe, cost effective and productive breakthrough in rust management called ENRUST. Thinking outside the box, join team Enrust and be proactive in the way you manage rust. Rust is like a cancer, left untreated it will eat away at your assets and productivity.

    By Napasco based in Schriever, LOUISIANA (USA). from Rust Converter Product line

  • IMI - Model MCLVB01 - Valve Box Lifter

    This deep reach permanent magnetic field penetrates textured surfaces of lids and allows the operator to ergonomically lift the casting out of the way.

    By Industrial Magnetics, Inc. based in Boyne City, MICHIGAN (USA). from Valve Box Lifter Product line

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