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Workplace Injuries training for Health and Safety

  • Sheilds - IOSH Managing Safely Course

    Studying this online IOSH Managing Safely course introduces the concepts of Safety Management Systems teaching de-facto best practices for managing health & safety in the workplace. This course is aimed at those employed in managerial roles, including supervisors, team leaders, etc.

    By Sheilds based in Hessle, UNITED KINGDOM. from IOSH Courses Training line

  • FMLA , ADA/ADAAA and Workers Comp - Laws, Leave Abuse and Crafting Policies for Leave Management

    This 3 part training series will analyze the three seemingly different bodies of law that often overlap leading to ambiguity and confusion. What are the eligibility/coverage criteria under the FMLA and the ADA/ADAAA and workers comp, Employee Leave Abuse under FMLA, ADA and Workers’ Comp and Crafting Policies and Procedures for Managing ...

    By ComplianceOnline based in Palo Alto, CALIFORNIA (USA). from HR Training line

  • Rail-Safe - Industrial Operations Training - Spanish

    This course is for individuals and companies that handle rail equipment. It contains all the information and instruction needed to work in a rail environment and perform duties without injury or damage to equipment and structures. It is packed with pictures and videos to help explain procedures leaving nothing to the imagination. The learner must ...

    By Rail Safe Training, Inc. based in Sioux City, IOWA (USA). from Online Training Training line

  • Compliance Training

    CiNet will ensure that you get the mandatory compliance training you need to effectively maintain the integrity of your business. Failure to provide employees with certain types of training will, in fact, constitute a violation of law depending on your industry. CiNet has the courses you need to avoid incurring liability or running afoul of ...

    By Critical Information Network (CiNet) based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

  • DOT Training

    Well-trained personnel are the best defense against workplace accidents, injuries and potential lawsuits. There are also mandated training requirements for private business and public entities, including Department of Transportation (DOT) training. Summarily, the DOT requires training for any employee who will be handling, transporting, preparing ...

    By Echelon Environmental LLC based in Walterboro, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Ergonomics for Manufacturing Online Course

    Ergonomics for Manufacturing is an overview of musculoskeletal disorders, their signs and symptoms, and ergonomic risk factors. You will learn how to apply ergonomic principles in the workplace to reduce injury and increase human performance.

    By Compliance Solutions based in Denver, COLORADO (USA). from Environmental Training Online Courses Training line

  • Lock Out Tag Out Program

    Developed in 1989, under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the “Control of Hazardous Energy” or lockout/tagout program was designed to prevent injuries from the sudden and unexpected release of stored energy. Lockout/tagout requires employers to establish a program…for affixing appropriate lockout devices ...

    By 360water, Inc. based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from Safety Training line

  • Safety and Health Training

    Safety on the job is of critical importance to UA members, their families and our contractors. In fact, job safety is a top priority of the United Association and has been for a very long time. We believe that every worker has a fundamental right to return home from the job in the same shape as when he or she arrived at the workplace.

    By United Association based in Annapolis, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Manual Handling Training

    The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, as amended in 2002 (‘the Regulations’), apply to a wide range of manual handling activities, including lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or carrying. The load may be either animate, such as a person or an animal, or inanimate, such as a box or a trolley. Incorrect manual handling is ...

    By Catalyst Environmental based in Heaton Mersey, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • DuPont STOP

    The award-winning STOP® (Safety Training Observation Program) series provides a path to workplace safety excellence by making safe behavior and workplace conditions part of the work culture, thus preventing injuries and incidents.

    By Dupont Sustainable Solutions based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Warehouse Safety Training

    Warehouses play a critical role in our economy. They are the hubs of the transportation, storage, and distribution of all types of materials, and help keep business and industry going strong. As a result, they are very busy places, which can give rise to a lot of hazardous situations. Every year, thousands of warehouse workers are injured on the ...

    By ERI Safety Videos based in Lexington, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Back Injury Prevention Course

    Twenty-five percent of workplace accidents are due to back injuries. After some research, we found each individual is the most important ingredient of any safe lifting program. This program focuses on the structure of the back, proper lifting techniques with an emphasis on safety. Key Words: Back Injuries, Back Pain, Spine, Bones-Nerves-Discs, ...

    By Digital 2000 Inc. based in Pearland, TEXAS (USA). from Back Injury Prevention Training line

  • RSI Awareness Courses

    Repetitive strain injuries are becoming increasingly common in today's workplace, whether the working environment is an office or a construction site. Individuals performing the same task each day are particulary susceptible to these injuries, which cause extreme pain, reduce productivity and increase disability claims.

    By Aware Learning Technologies based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Compressed Gas Cylinders Safety DVD - Safety Meeting Kit

    MARCOM's 'Compressed Gas Cylinders' Safety Meeting Kit provides the information employees need to handle and transport these potentially volatile storage containers. In today's work environments, Compressed Gas is used for many things... refrigeration... welding... heating... and a number of other functions. Compressed Gas can be dangerous, and ...

    By Nevada Technical Associates, Inc. based in Henderson, NEVADA (USA). from Videos L-R Training line

  • All about OSHA: Comprehensive 4 Courses Training for your organization

    This 4 course OSHA training webinar will cover Compliance information (CA), Recordkeeping, Misconception and Hazard Communication. These training are chosen to provide you with the most important information on OSHA led by experienced speakers. OSHA training is vital to any organization for its survival and to avoid employee accidents ...

    By ComplianceOnline based in Palo Alto, CALIFORNIA (USA). from OSHA Training line

  • Slips, Trips and Falls: Taking the Right Steps

    One safety slip and your employees will be on the slippery road to accidents. Slips, trips and falls cause injuries in the workplace, and you have to smooth out the risks through this high-impact training course that advocates solid safety measures: awareness, good housekeeping and proper equipment use. Safety can take you a long way! Prevention ...

    By Dupont Sustainable Solutions based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA). from Fall Protection Training Training line

  • Comprehensive Safety Training

    NOVA offers a comprehensive array of professional safety training courses and related instruction, helping your employees work smarter, with fewer work-related injuries. Our customizable training programs and “train the trainer” courses ensure that you are doing all you can to create a safe working environment, keeping injuries and ...

    By Nova Safety and Environmental based in Midland, TEXAS (USA).

  • Electrical Safety DVD - Safety Meeting Kit

    MARCOM's 'Electrical Safety' Safety Meeting Kit reminds employees about electrical hazards they may face in their jobs, and provides the information they need to work safely around low voltage electricity. Electricity is all around us. It lights up our homes... powers much of the machinery and equipment that we use... and runs many of our tools. ...

    By Nevada Technical Associates, Inc. based in Henderson, NEVADA (USA). from Videos A-E Training line

  • OSHA Training CD: Recordkeeping and Writing a Safety Plan

    The current Federal OSHA administration is taking steps to require employers to create and enforce Injury and Illness Prevention Programs, what they refer to as I2P2. These training CDs will cover information on OSHA Recordkeeping Compliance and how to write a safety plan that complies with OSHA requirements.

    By ComplianceOnline based in Palo Alto, CALIFORNIA (USA). from OSHA Training line

  • OSHA 30 Hour Online Construction Training Courses

    30 hours online learning about construction safety might seem like quite the commitment for training in the construction industry, but it’s nothing in comparison to the lives saved and injuries avoided by proper OSHA compliance. The essential OSHA 30 Hour Training Course from OSHA Pros is what you will need if you’re at a supervisor ...

    By OSHA-Pros USA, LLC based in North Richland Hills, COLORADO (USA). from Online OSHA Courses - Construction Training line

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