Workplace Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • The Potential Dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure

    Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that is produced whenever organic matter begins to decay and it’s not at all uncommon in the environment. In fact, the human body produces it as a byproduct of digestion, and it’s characterized by its foul rotten-egg odor. Though it’s colorless, its presence is almost always betrayed by its trademark odor, which can be both pungent in low doses and ...

  • The Perks of Portable Gas Detection Solutions

    While fixed gas detection monitors represent a time-honored method of protecting the workplace from volatile or dangerous gases, they are only part of an overarching safety protocol. In many ...


  • Air sampling techniques

    Air sampling techniques

    Air quality monitoring in the workplace is essential for ensuring excellent working conditions and meeting health and safety requirements. From office buildings to breweries to food storage and processing areas, there is a potential risk of carbon ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Multicomponent FTIR Gas Analyzer

    Multicomponent FTIR Gas Analyzer

    Gasmet CX4015 is designed for continuous monitoring applications in ambient conditions, such as workplace air monitoring and quality control applications. It can be used to measure up to 50 components simultaneously, and additional gases can be easily added without any hardware changes. The sample cell can be heated up to 50 °C, which allows measurements to be done in conditions where high ...