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Workplace Noise Equipment

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    Casella - Model CEL-62x Series - Digital Sound Level Meter

    The CEL-62x Series of Integrating Digital Sound Level meters can be used for the measurement of all workplace noise parameters to comply with workplace noise legislation, e.g. EU, OSHA and ACGIH.  Use the CEL-62x Series to carry out occupational noise assessments or machinery noise tests as well as to assist with the selection of hearing ...

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Monitoring - Sound Level Meters Product line

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    Casella - Model CEL-63x Series - Sound Level Meter

    The CEL-63x Series of sound level meters are the most versatile of meters available; ideal for both noise at work applications (ISO9612, OSHA) and environmental measurements (BS14142).  Ensure compliance with workplace noise legislation with the CEL-622 and to assist with the selection of hearing protection.  For environmental noise ...

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Monitoring - Sound Level Meters Product line

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    Casella - Model dBadge2 - Personal Noise Dosimeter

    The dBadge2 is the next generation in personal noise dosimeters, offering features only previously available in the most advanced of hand held sound level meters.  The dBadge2 personal noise dosimeter is the ideal tool for a variety of workplace noise assessments and campaigns with the added benefit of Bluetooth® Connectivity meaning you ...

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Monitoring - Noise Dosimeters Product line

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    AquaScan - Model 620L - Laptop Leak Locating Correlator

    Ultra-compact and extremely easy to use – the AQUASCAN 620L laptop correlator utilizing both the legendary, industry-leading cordless AQUASCAN sensor-transmitters and the powerful “Auto Filter” software.

    By Gutermann AG based in Baar, SWITZERLAND. from Leak Noise Correlators Product line

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    ENTA - Package Treatment Plant

    ENTA manufactures compact biological and chemical package treatment plants for the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. These systems can be manufactured as buried, covered compact, concrete or stainless steel type package treatment plants. Importance of these systems are small space necessity, min. noise, odour ,maintenance necessity ...

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY.

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    Noise Barriers

    Industrial-grade metal sound barriers by Innova are an economical solution to lowering noise from industrial equipment. Strategically placed, our acoustic barriers can work with other acoustical measures to limit emissions from multiple noise sources at your facility.

    By Innova Global Limited. based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Noise Management Product line

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    Building Acoustics

    For acoustic buildings guaranteed to meet your noise emissions compliance targets, Innova has been the supplier of choice for over 20 years across multiple industries and in 34 countries around the globe.

    By Innova Global Limited. based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Noise Management Product line

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    Norsonic - Model Nor1210 - Microphone, Permanent Outdoor Installation

    The outdoor microphone is designed for permanent installation in the field, for example airport noise monitoring or industrial plant noise monitoring. It includes anti-bird spikes, a windscreen and a rain cover, all of which are integral parts of the acoustic omnidirectional characteristics offered by the system.

    By Norsonic AS based in Lierskogen, NORWAY. from Outdoor Microphones Product line

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    Scarlet - Model ST-109 Class 1 - Sound Level Meter

    ST-109 Class 1 Sound Level Meter is designed to meet the requirements of IEC 61672-1:2002 (or the equivalent BS EN 61672-1:2003). ST-109 Sound Level Meters not only suitable for environmental noise measurements but can also be used for occupational noise measurements such as the UK Controls of Noise at Work Regulations or the OSHA Occupational ...

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd. based in Taipei City, TAIWAN. from Sound Meter Product line

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    Scarlet - Model ST-130 - Noise Dosimeter

    The Scarlet ST-130 Noise Dosimeter is the ideal tool to carry out occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements and provide a unique solution for these applications. ST-130 is designed to meet the standard dose measurement of OHSA, IEC and ISO regulations. To measure long-term noise exposure, the ST-130 comes with small, lightweight, ...

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd. based in Taipei City, TAIWAN. from Sound Meter Product line

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    Scarlet - Model ST-105 Class 1 - Sound Analyzer

    ST-105 Class 1 Sound Octave Analyzer is designed to meet the latest international standards IEC 61620-1:2001 (or the equivalent ANSI S1.11 : 2004). ST-105 Sound Analyzer provides not only real-time analysis of sound in 1/1 and 1/3-octave bands for environmental noise measurements but can also perform sound intensity measurements and sound power ...

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd. based in Taipei City, TAIWAN. from Sound Meter Product line

  • MoldowFanDim - Basic Fan

    Our dimensioning programme, MoldowFanDim, makes it easy for you to corporate with Moldow, and at the same time, it is your assurance of correct choice of product. The programme is developed in a way that makes it possible for Moldow to offer the best solutions every time. As a customer you get the full overview of the chosen fan with data that you ...

    By Moldow A/S based in Holsted, DENMARK. from Industrial Fans Product line

  • Industrial Noise Control Products

    NEVA Associates has extensive experience in mitigating noise from a specific source as well as using engineered noise control systems to permit companies to eliminate 'Hearing Conservation Programs'. Acoustic materials suitable for all environments are available, from clean rooms to offices to manufacturing plant environments. NEVA will visit your ...

    By NEVA Associates based in Newburyport, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Water Treatment Plants for Civil

    Pure water to drink and treated water for the discharge. Those are the need for every human community. Simem is producing a range of mobile plant, designed and realized with a kind of technology which assures quality, versatility and easy transportation. Simem mobile plant can suit perfectly the needs of small and medium size communities. The ...

    By Simem based in Minerbe, ITALY. from Water Treatment Plants Product line

  • Model ACN - High Performance Fan

    High performance fan Field of work: high flow rates, low pressure heads. Type of impellers: sirocco (with squirrel-cage). Applications: extraction also of dusty air, vapours, where large volumes of air with low pressures is handled. Temperatures of the fluid: up to 60 °C in standard execution, special executions for higher temperatures. ...

    By CORAL S.p.A based in VOLPIANO (TO), ITALY. from Centrifugal and Axial Industrial Fans Product line

  • Model EC Series - Axial Flow Fans

    The Mooij EC Axial flow fans are provided with a DC motor. These fans, provided with a built-in fan speed control, are extremely quiet and efficient, even at the high resistance in onion storage. The electronics in the motor provides the optimal speed. Hence, the noise level can be low and at the same time the motor is protected against thermal ...

    By Mooij Agro B.V. based in Hegelsom, NETHERLANDS. from Fans Product line

  • Stratis - Viscous Fan Drives

    Designed to cool the new hotter-running reduced emission engines, this revolutionary directly controlled viscous fan drive can be managed by the engine’s electronic control unit for precision fan speed control. Its innovative reservoir, actuator and valve system deliver faster response time and lower off speed for maximum efficiency. The ...

    By Horton, Inc. based in Roseville, MINNESOTA (USA). from Stratis Product line

  • Seismic Reflection & Refraction

    Seismic Refraction Profiling is used to investigate the seismic velocity of subsurface layers to help identify the material type, layer thickness, material stiffness and rock quality of the subsurface layers.

    By Apex Geoservices Ltd based in Wexford, IRELAND.

  • Air Intake Systems

    Forward-looking Design due to the Modular Configuration of the Air Intake Systems . After having successfully developed, delivered and installed compact packages for small and medium size gas turbines, FAIST has accepted the challenge and is now producing Air Intake Systems for larger gas turbine installations up to 270 MW.

    By FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH based in Krumbach, GERMANY. from Noise Control Systems- Power Plants Product line

  • ALPHAfon-MB - Metal Noise Barriers

    The metal noise barriers ALPHAfon-MB is composed from a galvanized metal sheet at the external side and perforated metal sheet at the internal side. The external faces can be paint in any RAL color. The two ends of the metal barrier are properly formed (male-female) in order to achieve perfect sound sealing but also to improve its bending ...

    By ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. based in Halandri, GREECE. from Noise Control Products Product line

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