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Workplace Noise Equipment

  • PULSCO - Model BVS-910 - Vent Silencer

    PULSCO Vent Silencers reduce the noise generated by the expansion of gas or steam from elevated pressures to atmospheric pressure. These absorptive silencers are used to suppress noise generated by high velocity gas streams such as steam vents, safety relief valve outlets, system blow down and purge outlets.

    By PULSCO Inc. based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Silencer Product line

  • Premium

    Casella - Model CEL-62x Series - Digital Sound Level Meter

    The CEL-62x Series of Integrating Digital Sound Level meters can be used for the measurement of all workplace noise parameters to comply with workplace noise legislation, e.g. EU, OSHA and ACGIH.  Use the CEL-62x Series to carry out occupational noise assessments or machinery noise tests as well as to assist with the selection of hearing ...

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Monitoring - Sound Level Meters Product line

  • Cogeneration Plants and Units

    Cogeneration plants and units can be environmentally friendly even at high efficiency. The combined generation of electrical energy and heat improves the total efficiency of the cogeneration plant by up to 90%. Integrated into this concept is our compact sound enclosure which results in soundproofing the cogeneration unit as well as providing ...

    By FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH based in Krumbach, GERMANY. from Noise Control Systems- Power Plants Product line

  • ALPHAfon-SA - Sound Attenuators

    Sound attenuators ALPHAfon-SA are used in applications in air ducts installations that require noise reduction and low pressure drop. Typical applications are air conditioning ductworks, cooling towers, ventilation systems. ALPHAfon-SA reduce noise in workplaces (offices, industries) households, other buildings (hotels, hospitals, theaters etc) ...

    By ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd. based in Halandri, GREECE. from Noise Control Products Product line

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    Casella - Model dBadge2 - Personal Noise Dosimeter

    The dBadge2 is the next generation in personal noise dosimeters, offering features only previously available in the most advanced of hand held sound level meters.  The dBadge2 personal noise dosimeter is the ideal tool for a variety of workplace noise assessments and campaigns with the added benefit of Bluetooth® Connectivity meaning you ...

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Monitoring - Noise Dosimeters Product line

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    Casella - Model CEL-63x Series - Sound Level Meter

    The CEL-63x Series of sound level meters are the most versatile of meters available; ideal for both noise at work applications (ISO9612, OSHA) and environmental measurements (BS14142).  Ensure compliance with workplace noise legislation with the CEL-622 and to assist with the selection of hearing protection.  For environmental noise ...

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Monitoring - Sound Level Meters Product line

  • Model 381-NMS - Permanent Noise Monitoring System

    An Integrated Hardware & Software System with Digital Communication and an Open Interface for Long Term Noise Monitoring Applications. The Model 831-NMS permanent noise monitoring system is designed for long term monitoring around airports, industrial facilities, motorsport complexes, wind farms, mining operations, and within the general ...

  • Acoustic Enclosures for Gas and Steam Turbines

    Noise Control Enclosures for Power Plants: Noise Control Enclosures for Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines. State-of-the-art noise control enclosures for power plants perform many functions.  The distinctive design of the enclosures enables the reduction of noise levels emitted by power plants—such as gas or steam turbines, diesel engines ...

    By FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH based in Krumbach, GERMANY. from Noise Control Systems- Power Plants Product line

  • Industrial Noise Control Products

    NEVA Associates has extensive experience in mitigating noise from a specific source as well as using engineered noise control systems to permit companies to eliminate 'Hearing Conservation Programs'. Acoustic materials suitable for all environments are available, from clean rooms to offices to manufacturing plant environments. NEVA will visit your ...

    By NEVA Associates based in Newburyport, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • QuietFiber - Industrial Noise Absorption Material

    Engineered specifically for maximum noise absorbency and used extensively in the industrial and commercial field, QuietFiber is now being successfully introduced into non-industrial environments where reverberant sound and echo is a problem, including:

    By Acoustiblok International based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA). from Sound Solution Products Product line

  • Acoustic Enclosures for Noisy Areas

    Looking for a manufacturer of acoustic enclosures? Do you have a noisy machine needing an enclosure to dampen out unwanted noise?… the answer is probably yes if you’ve found us here! Whether it be for a large bespoke enclosure, small enclosures or sound baffles … call us and we will provide a practical soundproofing  ...

    By NoiseAir Ltd. based in Lutterworth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Noise Control Product line

  • Kinetics - Model KNC - Noise Control Curtains

    Kinetics Model KNC Noise Control Curtains are modular, reinforced limp mass vinyl panels or vinyl and quilted fiberglass composites designed to contain noise or to act as a movable barrier between noisy and quiet areas. Kinetics Noise Control curtains incorporate a self-supporting track which allows the curtain to open for access at virtually any ...

    By Kinetics Noise Control, Inc. based in Dublin, OHIO (USA). from Industrial Noise and Vibration Product line

  • PULSCO - Model ILS-920 - Line Silencer

    Our Line Silencers are used to control noise produced by valves in piping systems. The line silencer is close-coupled with the control or pressure reducing valve and reduces the aerodynamic noise resulting from gas or vapor turbulence. In addition to providing the required back pressure on the valve, each line silencer is designed to attenuate the ...

    By PULSCO Inc. based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Silencer Product line

  • Casella-CEL - Model CEL-620 Series - Noise Meters and Kits

    The CEL-620B is an enhanced version of the CEL-620.A wide range integrating meter. It adds the real time octave band analysis functions that make it the ideal instrument for occupational hygienists wishing to carry out comprehensive noise surveys in the workplace. It can make simultaneous measurements of the 'A', 'C' and 'Z' weighted overall noise ...

    By Casella CEL Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Advanced Sound Meters Product line

  • Premium

    Scarlet - Model ST-109 Class 1 - Sound Level Meter

    ST-109 Class 1 Sound Level Meter is designed to meet the requirements of IEC 61672-1:2002 (or the equivalent BS EN 61672-1:2003). ST-109 Sound Level Meters not only suitable for environmental noise measurements but can also be used for occupational noise measurements such as the UK Controls of Noise at Work Regulations or the OSHA Occupational ...

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd. based in Taipei City, TAIWAN. from Sound Meter Product line

  • Sound Attenuators

    The standard range of rectangular splitter type sound attenuators/silencers have been developed to give virtually any attenuation required in normal practice, in any air handling situation. They are designed for use in industrial ventilation systems, where axial or centrifugal fan noise must be reduced. They are also ideally suited for use as ...

    By Colchester Engineering Systems based in Colchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Control and Ventilation Systems Product line

  • Air Intake Systems

    Forward-looking Design due to the Modular Configuration of the Air Intake Systems . After having successfully developed, delivered and installed compact packages for small and medium size gas turbines, FAIST has accepted the challenge and is now producing Air Intake Systems for larger gas turbine installations up to 270 MW.

    By FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH based in Krumbach, GERMANY. from Noise Control Systems- Power Plants Product line

  • Utility & Industrial Fan Noise Controls

    Sound Technologies has designed, engineered and supplied complete and partial noise control systems including the following components for Industrial Applications. Discharge Silencer Systems, Absorptive or Tuned Dissipative. Acoustical Lagging & Enclosures. Fan Intake Silencers & Filter Houses.

    By Sound Technologies based in Michigan City, INDIANA (USA).

  • Emtec - Model PAC 40 & PAC 30 - Acoustic Panel Systems

    Emtec Acoustic Panels have been specifically designed to meet the increasing requirements to shield personnel from high noise levels emitted from plant and machinery. Emtec acoustic panels are typically used for the enclosure of: Turbo-compressors, Diesel-driven Generators, Pumps, Fans, Audiometric rooms and quiet booths can also be constructed ...

    By Emtec Products Ltd. based in Middlesex, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Control Product line

  • Emtec - Acoustic Cladding Systems

    Emtec Acoustic Cladding Systems are used to introduce acoustic absorption into reverberant spaces in order to reduce the reverberation time of the contained volume. Emtec Acoustic Cladding Systems are typically used where large items of plant are contained within a plantroom or open topped plant area and the enclosing structure is of hard faced ...

    By Emtec Products Ltd. based in Middlesex, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Control Product line

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