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CLEAN - Soil, Air, Water

CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water is a new, international and interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of Sustainability and Environmental Safety. It hosts an attractive mixture of peer-reviewed scientific reviews, research papers, and short communications. Combining environmental aspects of soil, air, water, and sustainability & technosphere the journal focuses on prevention measures and forward oriented approaches rather than on remediation and pollution cleanup.

Aims and Scope

Biotechnology Journal is the new, international resource for both biotechnology researchers and professionals in related disciplines. Special attention is given to novel aspects and methods as well as healthcare, nutrition and technology, but also to the public, legal, ethical and cultural aspects of biotechnological research.

Unique features:

Rapid publication:
- 1 month from submission to decision
- 1 month from acceptance to online publication
==> Biotechnology Journal is three times faster than other journals publishing biotech research
Available in MEDLINE just six months after launch
Every month, a special topical issue with up-to-date reviews and hot new findings
20 pages of Forum with biotech and society news: Where academia meets industry

Focus topics in 2006

  • January 06 Launch of BTJ
  • February 06 Bioprocessing
  • March 06 Yeast
  • April 06 Food Biotechnology
  • May 06 Biocatalysis
  • June 06 Diagnostic Tools
  • July/ August 06 White Biotechnology
  • September 06 Advances in Jet-Based Approaches
  • October 06 Plant Biotech
  • November 06 Biotechnology in China
  • December 06 Caring for a Better World

Focus topics in 2007

  • Methods and Advances in Biotech
  • Protein Design and Evolution for Biocatalysis
  • Textile Biotechnology
  • Milk Processing
  • Brain-specific Diseases
  • Biopharmaceutical Technology for Molecular
  • Recognition
  • Drug Targeting in Cancer
  • Biotechnology in Russia
  • Talking Biotech with the Public
  • Multi-Enzyme Systems for the Synthesis of Complex
  • Natural Compounds
  • Biotech Crossroads in Singapore
  • Biotechnology of Energy and Chemical Production


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