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Climate Change Business Journal, a subscription based newsletter, is the centerpiece of a business intelligence service that provides detailed market research on nine segments of the Climate Change Industry. In each edition, subscribers receive a strategic overview of a specific industry segment, plus company profiles, survey results, and a proprietary data package with market size, growth and rankings of top companies.

Climate Change Business Journal

Climate Change Industry Segments

Nine business segments currently comprise the Climate Change Business Journal definition of the Climate Change Industry.

1. Low-Carbon & Renewable Power

Renewable or Clean Energy Systems, Equipment & Power Sales

  • Solar power: photovoltaic, concentrated solar, solar thermal, etc.
  • Wind power
  • Biomass, biogas
  • Hydro power, mini-hydros
  • Geothermal
  • Wave & tidal
  • Microturbines
  • Fuel cells

Low Carbon Conventional Energy

  • Waste-to-energy, landfill gas
  • Nuclear power
  • Coal, gas or IGCC with carbon capture/storage

2. Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

  • Technology development, design and construction, operation and maintenance
  • Carbon capture technology and systems
  • Pipelines and other CO2 transport infrastructure and services
  • Geological storage, enhanced oil and gas recovery
  • Other storage: oceans, mineral carbonation

3. Energy Storage: Equipment & Systems

  • Chemical: hydrogen, etc.
  • Electrochemical: batteries
  • Electrical: capacitor, superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES)
  • Mechanical: flywheels, compressed air energy storage (CAES), pumped air and water
  • Thermal: molten salt, solar ponds, cryogenic liquid air or nitrogen. seasonal thermal

4. Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

Energy Efficiency Services

  • Energy audits, feasibility studies and related technical services
  • Project development, measuring and verification
  • Design and construction of energy retrofits
  • Consumer/user education

Energy Efficiency Equipment/Supply

  • Lighting
  • Building materials, insulation
  • Machinery and motors
  • Appliances: residential and commercial
  • Co-generation systems; on-site power reuse

Demand Response & Smart Grid Systems and Services

  • Smart transmission, smart grid systems
  • Metering, monitoring and control devices
  • Demand response: usage reduction at peak

5. Green Buildings

  • Green building design
  • Green building construction & contracting
  • Green development
  • Green building materials
  • Energy efficiency devices: power and heat
  • Water conservation & reuse devices
  • Smart building systems

6. Transportation

Transportation Vehicles

  • Low-carbon vehicles: hybrid, electric, fuel-efficient internal-combustion vehicles
  • Electrified transport (plug-in hybrids)
  • Vehicle motors, parts, components systems

Transportation Fuels

  • Grain biofuels
  • Non-grain biofuels
  • Hydrogen fuels (from nuclear or renewables)
  • Other low-carbon fuels

Transportation Systems

  • Urban design/land use
  • Public transportation
  • Telecommuting & carpooling
  • Traffic engineering
  • Non-motorized transport

7. Carbon Markets; Trading & Projects

  • The voluntary market: carbon offsets
  • The regulatory market: carbon emission credits
  • Carbon credit & offset trading: brokering, banking, futures
  • Project development: CDM & JI, forestry, agriculture, landfill gas, renewable energy, low-carbon
  • Energy, etc.
  • Project verification services & registries

8. Climate Change Adaptation

  • Coastal building and reconstruction; walls, breaks, etc.
  • Emergency response & preparedness systems
  • Agricultural and natural resource adaptive management
  • Water resource planning
  • Utility/other infrastructure planning
  • Relocation; population transfer & redevelopment

9. Consulting & Research

  • Consulting & engineering: emission inventories, studies, efficiency, renewables, other power systems
  • Climate science & studies: government, academic, non-profit, corporate, etc.
  • Research and development
  • Project finance

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