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ENDS Directory is produced by Environmental Data Services, Britain's leading provider of environmental information.

The ENDS Directory is the only detailed listing of UK environmental consultancies. It is designed to enable clients to quickly review the characteristics of, and make comparisons between, different companies and has proved itself invaluable in helping clients produce shortlists. The service is free to use, being financially supported by the entrants (if you would like to take an entry in the directory, please take a look at our prospectus.

The amount of information displayed is dependent on the entry level chosen by the company. However, core to each profile entry on the web is details of work undertaken, accreditation, past clients, in-house facilities, overseas experience and ENDS` unique `experience matrix` - designed to help you find a company that has performed a particular type of work in your business sector. We also publish contact details for all branches. More information about display content is available here.

Information is supplied by the companies themselves and can be updated online at anytime. However, ENDS does make some basic checks and edits the entries to ensure clarity and consistency. Entrants are asked to verify edited entries.

You will find that ENDS Directory web site combines the most up-to-date information with effective search facilities, enabling visitors to list consultancies that match their needs. It also provides extensive editorial coverage giving guidance on employing a consultancy, feature articles exploring the way in which consultancies can assist business in tackling new legislation, and other topics of interest to consultancies and their clients.

ENDS makes every effort to ensure the Directory provides as comprehensive a picture of the UK`s environmental consultancies as possible, and that the information accurately reflects the characteristics and experience of each consultancy. However, a directory can only be a snapshot of the situation at the time the data was collected and ENDS cannot accept liability for errors or omission of any kind.

While not being able to accept liability, we remain confident that you will find the Directory an invaluable tool in your search for reliable information on UK consultancies.


The information presented in each entry is based on a questionnaire devised by ENDS. There are various types of entries in the Directory, each displaying progressively more and more information about the company

Basic (free) entry
Contact details, turnover, staff, web site and work areas

Profile I
Full details including experience matrix, accreditation, staff, membership, 60 word description, in-house facilities, overseas experience etc

Profile II
As with Profile I, but with a half-page entry in the annual paper directory

Profile III
As above, but also work area descriptions, recent clients and job undertaken, and partnerships. Full-page entry in paper directory

Directory entrants pay a fee for profiles I, II and III. All entrants are included in the basic search, although they are ordered depending on the type of profile taken.

Every type of company is represented in the Directory, from large, multidisciplinary and long-established businesses to small, new specialists. This has been done to reflect your needs as a wide and varied user group.

ENDS has attempted to ensure that the information presented by all the companies listed is a factual and accurate representation of their environmental skills and experience. Apparent discrepancies in returned questionnaires, as well as claims not borne out by our knowledge, were checked by telephone or letter. Many entrants were asked to re-submit information for one or more sections. Nevertheless, it is important for the reader to bear in mind that the information presented remains essentially self-generated by the entrants. Beyond making corrections of the kind noted above, ENDS has only edited entries to achieve a homogeneous and concise style, or in some cases where space considerations required.

Data presentation

The data for each entrant is displayed on a number of web pages. Some pages and some data may not be available because of the type of entry taken out, or because the entrant has not completed that part of the questionnaire. For those taking a basic entry, these pages are not available..

Summary page

This displays basic information about the entrant including contact details, turnover, staff numbers and which consultancy areas and client sectors they have worked in. Two charts - one for work areas, the other for client sectors - attempt to ittustrate the profile of the entrant`s experience. The left-hand margin shows the entrant`s UK and international branches - these open up in a pop-up window to give the full contact details.


The information is delivered in a matrix format allowing a graphical view of the entrant`s breadth and extent of experience across 14 work areas and client sectors. For consultancies taking a Profile III entry, a description of each work area is also included.


This page lists a collection of other details about the entrant including: membership, accreditation, in-house facilities, overseas experience, contracts and turnover. For those consultancies taking a Profile III entry, it also lists any partnerships.


Only available for those consultancies taking a Profile III entry, this page shows up to 10 recent clients and the jobs undertaken for each.

Full Entry

This lists all the details available about the entrant and is designed so that it can be printed out for off-screen reference.

Search filter

The home page includes a medium-level search filter to help you chose the right environmental consultancy.

Type in a town name to find all consultancies with branches in a particular town

Choose a UK region to find all consultancies with branches in a wider area

Choose an overseas country to find all consultancies with branches in that country

The search can be fine-tuned by either filtering on size of company and/or the consultancy areas it has experience in, and/or the client sectors in which it has worked. If you do not make a selection for turnover, work area or client sector it will assume that you wish to search on all selections within that group.

Type of work

Choose a work area to filter the search. Select more than one to include consultancies that work in any of the work areas.

Client experience

Choose a client sector to filter the search. Select more than one to include consultancies that work in any of the work areas.

If you select both type of work and client experience, then the search results will pull up a list of consultancies that work in that particular work area and conduct work for those particular clients (but not necessarily in that work area)

Search results and A-Z listing

The results displayed are ordered by the type of entry the entrant has in the ENDS Directory, starting with `Profile III`, and working down to basic entries. Each summary profile shows the work areas in which the entrant is active and in which UK regions it has branches. The region where the head office is situated is coloured green.

The summary profile also displays the number of staff and turnover where we have this information, together with the head office address and contact details.

Please note that the A-Z listing displays the entrants in alphabetical order within the type of entry the company has selected. You may need to flick through the pages to find the environmental consultancy you are after.

Other environmental goods & service suppliers

The ENDS Directory now includes a Suppliers section making this an even more comprehensive and effective guide to the UK environmental industry. The Suppliers section includes companies offering environmental goods and support services, including legal, insurance, contracting, engineering, laboratory and equipment.

An entry within the Suppliers section includes a full colour logo along with an 80-word company description.

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