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ENDS Report

The ENDS Report is the UK's leading journal for environmental policy and business. It provides environmental professionals with a thorough understanding of the environmental drivers shaping businesses.

The ENDS Report is available online.

ENDS Report


What it contains

In-depth research and analysis, legislative changes, official reports and environmental initiatives that impact corporate strategy and affect specific industries.

Key benefits

  • Coverage of the latest UK environmental legislation and their business implications to ensure your business is fully prepared
  • Anticipation of government policy to help your business plan future environmental strategies.
  • Examples of initiatives used by organisations to illustrate best practice in action
  • Details of the implications of the latest legal judgements
  • The latest facts, figures and insight into industry trends
  • Regular in-depth analysis of over 50 industry sectors

Sectors include

  • Contaminated Land
  • Recycling & Waste
  • Energy & Climate
  • Pollution & Clean-Up
  • Corporate Risk
  • Science
  • Industry Regulation
  • Waste and Resources
  • Parliament and Politics
  • Supply Chain

Who is the ENDS Report for?

All companies have a responsibility to understand and comply with environmental regulations. he ENDS Report has a 30 year track record for reliably delivering information, insight and analysis every month.

ENDS Report
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