Environmental Information Bulletin

Environment Information Bulletin (EIB) will keep you up-to-date on the environmental challenges facing organisations in both the public and private sectors, and about the answers to those challenges. Each issue of the journal covers a wide spectrum of subjects, including: new legislation, enforcement activities, energy efficiency, environmental management systems, waste management, cleaner technology, industry sector initiatives, international trends, and government policy.
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EIB picks out the immediate priorities from the mass of regulatory information and gives you inside knowledge of the environmental policies and solutions of leading businesses and public bodies. Designed for busy professionals, EIB separates the political and pressure group hype from the issues that really count for businesses.

EIB is either available as a standalone journal, or as part of the unique IRS Health, Safety and Environment package. This incorporates 10 issues of EIB and 10 issues of Health and Safety Bulletin.

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