Health and Safety Bulletin

Health and Safety Bulletin (HSB) is the leading subscription-based periodical in its field, with the majority of major UK employers, in both the public and private sector, receiving a copy. With independent, factual and analytical reporting allied with an emphasis on legislation, enforcement and practice, HSB is the definitive information source for the specialist in this legally complex area.
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Published 10 times each year and written throughout in a clear and accessible style, HSB:

  • Tells you all that you need to know about your statutory and common law duties
  • Includes a unique biannual state of play table that summarises all important developments over the previous six months, reports on the latest position of the HSE and government health and safety initiatives and anticipates major developments to come
  • Tells you about the HSE enforcement activities and guidance issued in the previous month
  • Provides you with originally researched, independent information
  • Gives you unique coverage of safety developments in the European Commission, Parliament and Council of Ministers

HSB features:

  • Expert analysis - the practical implications of new or proposed UK or EC legislation
  • Law case reports - showing how courts and tribunals interpret the law
  • Unrivalled news service - the most authoritative analysis of developments
  • In-depth articles - major current issues placed in their practical context, clearly and concisely
  • Early warnings of proposed legislation - subscribers usually read it in Health and Safety Bulletin first
  • HSB is either available as a standalone journal, or as part of the unique IRS Health, Safety and Environment package. This incorporates 10 issues of HSB and 10 issues of Environment Information Bulletin

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