International Journal of Environment and Pollution (IJEP)

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International Journal of Environment and Pollution (IJEP)
The international Journal of Environment and Pollution is a refereed journal providing an international forum for the field of environment and pollution. One of three key journals (along with The International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management and and The International Journal of Global Environmental Issues) which together offer complete coverage of key environmental issues, it addresses medium-term challenges involving scientific prediction, modelling and assessment, and social and economic policy areas.


  • Review and assessment of policies
  • Strategy for policy making
  • Formulation of national/international environmental protection policy
  • Comparative legal aspects of pollution
  • Assessment of risks from water, soil and air pollution; effective and viable remedies
  • Protection of soil and groundwater
  • Ecosystem research
  • Waste disposal strategies
  • Ecological impact of pollutants
  • Clean technologies
  • Technological hazards
  • Evaluation of environmental risk and safety
  • Environment and sustainable development
  • Environmental education and training


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Stabilisation of municipal solid waste in bioreactor landfills - an overview

Identification of source of heavy metal contamination in a site - a case study

A multi–modal supply chain network design for recycling waterway sediments

Recycling of defatted Carica papaya seeds biosorbent (DPS) waste containing Pb and Cd in clay bricks: laboratory scale experiment

Inorganic contaminants attenuation in acid mine drainage by fly ash and its derivatives: column experiments

Electrochemical oxidation of wastewater containing aromatic amines using a flow electrolytic reactor


Distribution, fraction and risk assessment of vanadium in surface sediments from a Chinese karstic lake: a case study of Hongfeng Lake

The fate of arsenic in contaminated paddy soil with gypsum and ferrihydrite amendments

Study on washwater effluent quality discharged by ship exhaust gas DeSO
system with magnesium and seawater desulphurisation method

Mitigation of road transport carbon emissions in Argentina

Adsorption of iron and manganese from acid mine drainage using 4A–zeolite synthesised from waste with high kaolin concentrations

Prediction of lake eutrophication using artificial neural networks

Universal system for forecasting changes in PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter air pollution concentration

Pollutant source identification in a city district by means of a street network inverse model

Unified model intercomparison for volcanic ash transport modelling

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  1. Tanmoy Roy Tusher
    Tanmoy Roy Tusher Comment

    Hi, I am Tanmoy Roy Tusher from Bangladesh. I have completed my B.Sc. (Honors) in Environmental Science and Resource Management from Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University. I have completed my research work entitled "Effects of Solid waste and Industrial Effluent on the Surrounding Environment: A Study in Konabari Industrial Zone, Gazipur, Bangladesh". Now I want to publish my paper in this journal. Is it possible? If yes, then how it will be done? Plz inform me as early as possible.

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