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International Journal of Global Energy Issues (IJGEI)

IJGEI provides an international forum and authoritative source of information on renewable and non-renewable energy resources, energy-economic systems, energy and environment, international energy policy issues, technological innovation and new energy sources. It envisages the use of analytical tools and concepts from multifarious disciplines to address concerns for ecological, social, economic and political dimensions of sustainability. IJGEI seeks to establish an effective channel for communication between policymakers, government agencies, concerned citizens, consumer bodies, industry, public authorities and members of academic/research institutions.
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  • Renewable/non-renewable energy resources
  • Global limits, fossil energy, nuclear energy technology/safety/waste
  • Economic development, market forces/world trade, transition countries
  • Assessments of energy systems/projects/policies
  • Energy conservation, buildings, transportation/mobility, agriculture
  • Ecological economics analyses, thermodynamic concepts
  • Entropic irreversibility, Second Law efficiency, exergy analysis
  • Energy accounting, "greened" national accounts
  • Uncertainty/risk, data quality issues for modelling/policy evaluation
  • Moral/political/scientific foundations for public decision-making
  • Industrial ecology, business strategies and sustainable development
  • Energy options in climate policy
  • Governance, Agenda 21, public sector strategies, geopolitics
  • North-South knowledge exchange, capacity building
  • Education, public information, technical training, employment


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International Journal of Global Energy Issues (IJGEI)

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