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International Journal of Green Economics (IJGE)

IJGE addresses all aspects of Green Economics, aiming to encourage economic change and positioning Green Economics at the centre of the Economics disciplines. Green Economic theories, policies, tools, instruments and metrics are developed to facilitate a change to the current economic models for the benefit of the widest number of people and the planet as a whole. IJGE focuses particularly on resource management, meeting peoples'needs and the impact and effects of international trends and how to increase social justice.
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  • Theories/concepts; critique of corporate activity, economic discourse/disciplines
  • Environmental/welfare/development economics, fair-trade, aid, FDI, trickle down
  • Neo-classical/Marxist/colonial, eco socialism/feminism, women`s economics
  • Costing resources, patriarchy and accumulation, resource allocation
  • Government, freedom, democracy, privatisation, human happiness/needs hierarchy
  • Bretton Woods, EU, UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO, GATTS
  • Buying politics: war, arms trade, oil, war on terrorism; multinationals, globalisation
  • Trading blocks, new protectionism, international governance, Tobin tax
  • Offshoring, outsourcing, tariff barriers, new economic indicators, consumerism
  • Green solutions, eco taxes, eco-labelling, environmental management as an industry
  • Resource management, zero waste, site here to sell here, reuse, recycle, repair
  • Quality of life, QoL indicators, consumerism, co-ops, land values, resource valuation
  • New paradigms of the economy, grass roots activism, surplus reduction
  • Social/environmental justice, participatory practices, polluter pays, triple bottom line
  • Indigenous rights, less-developed countries, subsistence economies, poverty, wealth
International Journal of Green Economics  (IJGE)


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