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The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams is a bi-monthly publication, read in 176 countries, dealing with all technical, environmental, social and economic aspects of hydro plants and multipurpose water resources development projects. It combines business news with state-of-the-art technology. Each issue has a regional focus, and special technical themes of interest to engineers in all the related disciplines.

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Energy - Renewable Energy

Policy & Profile


By keeping its readers informed of the latest technical and business developments, as well as economic, social and environmental aspects of water resources development projects, and by bringing together high level international experts in these fields at its international conferences, Hydropower & Dams reflects the role that carefully planned and designed hydropower and multipurpose dam projects play, and will continue to play, in sustainable development.

The editorial themes planned for each issue cover a broad range of disciplines, aiming to keep our international readership up to date with the state-of-the-art in research and technology, with business and commercial developments, and with best practice regarding social and environmental aspects.

International Journal on Hydropower & Dams

Editorial Board

We are proud to have an Editorial Board comprising the world`s most eminent experts from all the disciplines associated with hydropower and dams. By reviewing papers and giving advice on the journal`s policy and content, they help to ensure that the Journal maintains its reputation as technical leader in this field of publishing. The Board comprises:

  • Hon. M. Abu Zeid, Egypt
  • H. Irfan Aker, Turkey
  • H.D. Altinbilek, Turkey
  • S. Alam, France
  • J. Antunes Sobrinho, Brazil
  • R. Ardakanian, Iran
  • A. Bergeret, France
  • H. Bidasala-Igaga, Tanzania
  • H. Brekke, Norway
  • A. Brown, UK
  • J.J. Cassidy, USA
  • J.A. Charles, UK
  • R.G. Charlwood, Canada
  • J.B. Cooke, USA
  • W. Croucamp, Rep. of S. Africa
  • E. Dumbleton, New Zealand
  • M.R.H. Dunstan, UK
  • P.C.F. Erbisti, Brazil
  • M.A. Fanelli, Italy
  • A. Ferreira, USA
  • B. Fischer-Aupperle, Germany
  • B.A. Forbes, Australia
  • L. Gagnon, Canada
  • J.H. Gummer, Australia
  • G. Grilli, New Zealand
  • W.H. Hager, Switzerland
  • J. Hennessy, UK
  • K. Høeg, Norway
  • R. E. Israelsen, USA
  • H. Kreuzer, Switzerland
  • R. Lafitte, Switzerland
  • P.J. Mason, UK
  • F. Lempérière, France
  • J. Lewin, UK
  • B. Leyland, New Zealand
  • G. Lombardi, Switzerland
  • E. Mosonyi, Germany
  • B.S.K. Naidu, India
  • C.S. Ospina, Colombia
  • A. Palmieri, The World Bank
  • A.D.M. Penman, UK
  • B. Petry, The Netherlands
  • N. de S. Pinto, Brazil
  • W. Pircher, Austria
  • G. Post, France
  • T.P.C. van Robbroeck, Rep. of S. Africa
  • H. Roo Gómez, Venezuela
  • V. Semenkov, Russian Federation
  • J-J. Simond, Switzerland
  • A. Shady, Canada
  • A. Szöllösi-Nagy, UNESCO
  • B. Tardieu, France
  • B. Trembath, The World Bank
  • M. Turfan, Turkey
  • C.V.J. Varma, India
  • C. B. Viotti, Brazil
  • J.G. Warnock, UK
  • D. Williams, UK
  • K. Wolfartsberger, Austria
  • J. Yagüe Cordova, Spain
  • J. C-H Yeh, USA


Each annual volume comprises nearly 800 pages of valuable technical and business information (representing the largest volume of information for a journal in this field).

In addition to the six bi-monthly issues of Hydropower & Dams, each one having a regional focus and several special themes, subscribers receive:

  • Our special annual publication, the H&D World Atlas & Industry Guide, over 300 pages of statistics and information on hydropower development and dam construction (including a world survey on trends and priorities in water resources development) and a comprehensive Industry Guide.
  • Technical posters published regularly (including annually updated World Maps of hydropower and dams under construction, regional maps, and cutaway drawings of major projects).
  • Discounted fees for attendance of the international hydropower conferences organized by Hydropower & Dams.
International Journal on Hydropower & Dams

The Hydropower & Dams World Atlas & Industry Guide

The Hydropower & Dams World Atlas & Industry Guide is a unique and comprehensive reference source for the industry on water resources development worldwide. It is widely quoted by international development organizations, professional associations, government departments and financing agencies.

The H&D editorial team thoroughly researches and verifies the data for the various surveys each year, to ensure that statistical information and national overviews are up-to date and accurate.

The 2009 edition has a fully updated world survey of water resources development in about 180 countries, the latest statistical information about hydropower development, dams in operation and under construction, a revised database of national and international organizations, and a comprehensive Industry Guide, comprising details of companies in more than 70 countries.

The content of our World Atlas & Industry Guide 2009 is also available in electronic format.

  • CDs have been produced of the 2009 edition, which can be ordered to complement the bound volume. These can be purchased at a reduced price by subscribers to hydropower & Dams - adding even more value to an H&D subscription.
  • In addition, our Country Reports, Hydro Survey and World Overview will also be available soon to H&D subscribers only on our re-designed website (currently under construction). Subscribers will be eligible to receive a password to access this information.
  • The Industry Guide is already available on line

Editorial Policy And Profile

International Journal on Hydropower & Dams

H&D Content and Mission

The bi-monthly Journal disseminates information on a broad range of topics relating to water resources development and in particular hydropower production, from scientific research papers, to descriptive articles and news items.

State-of-the-art research papers focus on subjects such as improving the efficiency, safety and economy of machinery, materials for dams, or hydraulic research. Project descriptions focus on innovative or challenging schemes, including new developments (large and small) and refurbishments/upgrades.

Policy papers look at national development targets and plans, as well as global challenges such as environmental management, social issues and concerns about climate change.

Special issues focus on the regions of the world with the most active water resources development programmes under way, and large potential for the future (such as Asia, Africa, Latin America).

The Journal also aims to present a balanced view of the role and benefits of hydropower, and to encourage best practice in planning, design, construction and operation.

Papers reflect new trends in the industry, such as developments in marine energy systems, and increasing interest in pumped-storage schemes, to help support the increasing use of intermittent sources of renewable energy such as wind and solar power.

Reports are published on the activities and initiatives of the international professional associations, such as ICOLD, IEA, ICID, IWRA, ESHA, the World Water Council, and others.

Participating in industry activities

The team travels extensively throughout the world, to participate at international events, visit projects and to serve on committees and panels.

During 2010, the Hydropower & Dams team organized two major international conferences (ASIA 2010 in Sarawak, Malaysia, and HYDRO 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal). Opening and Closing addresses, and the preparation of an extensive overview report summarizing outcomes, disseminated a huge volume of information on the most critical topics for the industry.

Alison Bartle gave keynote addresses on hydropower at the Symposium during ICOLD’s 78th Annual Meeting in Hanoi (May), and at ICOLD’s 8th European Club Symposium in Innsbruck, Austria (September).

Assistant Editor Steve Usher gave an overview of hydropower in Asia at a high level conference in Rio promoting sustainable hydropower, co-hosted by the Brazilian Government and IEA.

At the ‘Transmission, Distribution and Metering’ Conference, organized by India’s Council of Power Utilities (November), Alison Bartle chaired a session on renewable energy and gave a talk on the role of hydropower.

H&D also participated at the Africa Energy Forum (Basel), HydroVision (Charlotte), Hidroenergia (Lausanne), the 16th International Seminar on Water Powerplants (Vienna) and annual meetings of the British Dam Society and British Hydropower Association (both in Glasgow).

International Journal on Hydropower & Dams

Editorial Programme 2011

Regional Focus – South and East Asia

  • Flood management
  • Spillways and gateworks
  • Francis turbine technology
  • Seismic design
  • Tunnels and tunnelling

Project update supplement: Australasia
Out Now!

Regional Focus – Latin America and Turkey
Circulation at XXI SNPTEE, Florianopolis, Brazil
Extra circulation at the the 2nd Istanbul International
Water Forum to be held on May 3-5, 2011

  • Concrete faced rockfill dams
  • Development approaches
  • Kaplan turbine technology
  • Multipurpose schemes
  • Construction equipment

Project update supplement: Brazil
Deadline - Technical papers: 11 February
Deadline - News items: 11 March
Deadline - Advertisment bookings: 11 March
Advertisment material supply: 15 March
Journal to press: 18 March
Publication date: 25 March

Special Issue, ICOLD 2011, Lucerne, Switzerland
Regional Focus – Northern Europe

  • Dam safety
  • Instrumentation systems
  • Pelton turbine technology
  • Geomembranes

Project update supplement: Africa
Deadline - Technical papers: 25 March
Deadline - News items: 18 April
Deadline - Advertisment bookings: 18 April
Advertisment material supply: 21 April
Journal to press: 6 May
Publication date: 13 May

Regional Focus - North America
Circulation at HydroVision, Sacramento, USA

  • Dams and hydro in Canada and the USA
  • RCC dams
  • Extreme climates
  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Fish protection

Project update supplement: Turkey
Deadline - Technical papers: 3 June
Deadline - News items: 1 July
Deadline - Advertisment bookings: 1 July
Advertisment material supply: 5 July
Journal to press: 8 July
Publication date: 15 July


  • Comments
  • Statistical tables
  • World survey
  • Industry Guide

Deadline - Final data for surveys: 8 August
Deadline - Advertisment bookings: 10 August
Advertisment material supply: 16 August
Atlas to press: 19 August
Publication date: 31 August

Special Issue: HYDRO 2011, Prague, Czech Rep
Regional Focus – South and East Europe

  • Pumped storage technology
  • Marine energy
  • Small hydro and low head schemes

Project update supplement: Russia
Deadline - Technical papers: 15 August
Deadline - News items: 14 September
Deadline - Advertisment bookings: 14 September
Advertisment material supply: 20 September
Journal to press: 23 September
Publication date: 30 September

Regional Focus – Africa

  • Embankment dams
  • Project finance
  • Bearings
  • Electrical engineering
  • Environmental and social aspects

Deadline -Technical papers: 3 October
Deadline - News items: 16 November
Deadline - Advertisment bookings: 16 November
Advertisment material supply - 22 November
Journal to press - 25 November
Publication date - 2 December

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