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The Journal of Environmental Quality (JEQ) is published by ASA, CSSA, and SSSA. Since 1994 it has been published bimonthly, before that (1972-1993) it was published quarterly. The JEQ editorial board consists of the editor, associate editors, the managing editor, the Headquarters associate or assistant editor or editors working on the journal, the editors-in-chief of ASA, CSSA, and SSSA, the executive vice president, and the director of publications.

The journal publishes contributions under the headings of (i) Technical Reports, (ii) Reviews and Analyses, (iii) Environmental Issues, (iv) Short Communications, (v) Letters to the Editor, and (vi) Book Reviews. Papers in JEQ cover various aspects of anthropogenic impacts on the environment, including terrestrial, atmospheric, and aquatic systems. Emphasis is given to the understanding of underlying processes rather than to monitoring.

Technical reports published in JEQ are grouped by subject matter. These subject areas are periodically reviewed by the JEQ editorial board and are subject to change. The subject matter areas are:

- heavy metals in the environment
- plant and environment interactions
- organic compounds in the environment
- surface water quality
- ground water quality
- ecosystem restoration
- vadose zone transport processes and water quality
- waste management
- atmospheric pollutants and trace gases
- landscape and watershed processes
- wetlands and aquatic processes
- biodegradation and bioremediation
- ecological risk assessment

Contributions reporting original research or brief reviews and analyses dealing with some aspect of environmental quality in natural and agricultural ecosystems are accepted from all disciplines for consideration by the editorial board. Manuscripts may be volunteered, invited, or coordinated as a symposium. Acceptance of a group of symposium manuscripts for collective publication is limited to one such group per issue. Book reviews may be invited by the editor.
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