Nature Geoscience

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Nature Geoscience
Nature Geoscience is a monthly multi-disciplinary journal aimed at bringing together top-quality research across the entire spectrum of the Earth Sciences along with relevant work in related areas. The journal's content reflects all the disciplines within the geosciences, encompassing field work, modelling and theoretical studies.

Topics covered in the journal include:

  • Atmospheric science
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Climate science
  • Geobiology
  • Geochemistry
  • Geoinformatics and remote sensing
  • Geology
  • Geomagnetism and palaeomagnetism
  • Geomorphology
  • Geophysics
  • Glaciology
  • Hydrology and limnology
  • Mineralogy and mineral physics
  • Oceanography
  • Palaeontology
  • Palaeoclimatology and palaeoceanography
  • Petrology
  • Planetary science
  • Seismology
  • Space physics
  • Tectonics
  • Volcanology  

Nature Geoscience is committed to publishing significant, high-quality research in the Earth Sciences through a fair, rapid and rigorous peer review process that is overseen by a team of full-time professional editors.

In addition to publishing primary research, Nature Geoscience provides an overview of the most important developments in the Earth Sciences through the publication of Review Articles, News and Views, Research Highlights, Commentaries and reviews of relevant books and arts events.

Advance Online Publication

The latest research papers, published online ahead of print. These online versions are definitive and may be cited using the digital object identifier (DOI).


What price health?


Intense polar temperature inversion in the middle atmosphere on mars

A slab fragment wedged under Tokyo and its tectonic and seismic implications

High stocks of soil organic carbon in the North American Arctic region



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