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RECYCLING - a monthly magazine for professionals in the waste management and recycling branch. Has been published for six years.RECYCLING - is an important source of information for institutions and companies on current tendencies in collecting, managing and processing of waste materials. It presents expert elaborations on modern solutions in the field of waste management in Europe, is a forum for opinions' exchange, informs about current events as well as on planned and conducted investments in Poland.

The editor of RECYCLING along with the editor of COMMUNAL REVIEW organize the Cup of Recycling Competition, which every single year is very popular with municipalities and municipal companies, conducting selective packaging waste collection.

REGULAR SECTIONS: Recycling of waste materials (glass, plastics, metal, paper and cardboard packaging, hazardous waste and much more), Interview, Law and Regulations, New technologies, Eco-logistics, Recycling of waste materials all over the world.

Customer comments

  1. By Angus Carnie on

    In the UK we are not very good at recycling as in reality we make it to complicated and with many every day disposable goods we actually have no recycling solutions at all. Without shipping to third world countries for manual segregation our last remaining landfill sites would be over run within weeks. New cost effective solutions have to be found that not only cost less but actually produce a valuable and useful product. With the ever growing consumer led demands in recent years there are currently no recycling solutions for a massive list of everyday goods which actually becomes litter or waste! With LITTER GLUE we have created a very simple solution that for the 936 everyday items that there is no solution to can now be recycled in minutes into pathways, walls, bollards, garden furniture and many other useful products. With absolutely NO SEGREGATION they do not even have to be clean!! So simple even with poor DIY abilities a product could be formed. So what are these 936 items – well items such as Carrier bags Chocolate wrappers Fast food containers Plastic wrapped newspaper inserts Prepared food containers- even including remnants of food Dog waste Cat litter Cigarette ends and packets Chewing gum Cotton buds and other toiletries Expired bank cards Cheese wrapping Laminated plastics Food waste Metalised plastics Bicycles Broken children’s toys Videos Vinyl records Coat hangers DVDs And many more! Of course added to this in litter there are many items which could be recycled if they were in correct recycling bins but the good news is they can also be used in litter glue without ANY form of segregation. These can all be crushed mixed with litter glue and poured into either a mould used to repair pathways/pavements or create new ones. Within hours fully dried and can be painted or top coated with gravel- this is purely for cosmetic purposes. Job done and all at less cost than landfill For more information please email angus.carnie@virgin.net or visit my blog http://litterglue@blogspot.co.uk