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Waste Management Yearbook


Waste Management Yearbook has offered an annual insight into the UK waste disposal, processing, recycling and reuse sectors for over 20 years. It also includes a directory of companies operating in the sector.



Editorial contributions are drawn from the major organisations and associations within the sector, including the Environment Agency, the Association for Organics Recycling, WRAP, WAMITAB, the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management and CL:AIRE. Articles cover a wide range of topical issues, from the latest directive emanating from the EU to developments in the UK waste-to-energy and composting sectors. Together they provide a round-up of developments in all the principal waste streams, including metal, paper, glass and plastics recycling, as well as landfill, hazardous waste, contaminated land remediation and water treatment matters.


Readership of Waste Management Yearbook comprises key individuals and organisations throughout the waste sector and other allied industries. The publication targets specifiers and key decision makers within the sector such as landsite managers, local authorities, relevant government departments and other individuals or companies with a serious professional interest in the industry.

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