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World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development (WRSTSD)

WRSTSD addresses issues that will be central to world sustainable development through efficient and effective technology transfer, the challenges these pose for developing countries, and the global framework for dealing with science/technology. Its general theme is integrated approaches to the problems of technology transfer within an urban/rural development context. How will we feed an ever-increasing world population, and also manage our land and food, fibre and energy production with increasing demands for conservation and alternative use of natural resources?
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  • Technology management
  • Technical change
  • Innovation and diffusion
  • Economics of technology and innovation
  • Impact of technology upon the productivity increase/enhancement
  • Best practice in the promotion of technologies
  • Productivity gap analysis
  • Technology and foreign direct investments
  • Information systems/technology and e-commerce
  • Research and development
  • Industry and sustainable development
  • Issues of sustainable environment
  • Project management
  • Technology adoption constraints in developing countries
  • UN millennium development goals
  • Impact of finance on technology adoption
  • Sustainable economic development policies
  • Impacts and challenges of AIDS, malaria and other chronic problems
World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development (WRSTSD)


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