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  • Miniature Single Axis Accelerometer
    Showcase Product

    Miniature Single Axis Accelerometer

    By Norsonic AS

    Nor1271 is a general purpose miniature accelerometer for industry and laboratory use. It is specially suited for light test objects and applications that require an accelerometer with low sensitivity and wide frequency ...

  • Handle Adaptor Plate for Triaxial Accelerometer
    Showcase Product

    Handle Adaptor Plate for Triaxial Accelerometer

    By Norsonic AS

    The small dimension and low weight makes it easy to mount it on the handle bar on various devices for testing Hand Arm vibrations in accordance to various standards, such as ISO 5349. Mounting screw for accelerometer is ...

  • Mounting Magnet
    Showcase Product

    Mounting Magnet

    By Norsonic AS

    Nor4557 Mounting magnet with 4mm thread for use with Nor1288 triaxial accelerometer. Base diameter 30mm. The Rare-earth magnet material ensures a high magnet mounting force.

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