Acoustic Monitoring Videos

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    Electro-Acoustic Water Leak Detection - How does the Aquaphon A 50 Work? Video

    The AQUAPHON system with the receiver A 50 is the affordable entry into professional water leak detection . It is used for the electro-acoustic detection of leaks in water pipe networks . It is ideal for pre-location as well as the exact pinpointing of ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH

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    Gutermann Intelligent Water Loss Management - Video

    Smart cities use GUTERMANN's Intelligent Water Loss Management Technology to permanently monitor their water distribution network and detect and pinpoint leaks within days of their occurrence. The Zonescan Alpha is the only technology based on acoustic noise analysis capable of pinpointing leaks automatically using ultra-sensitive smart sensor, powerful communications technology and ...

    By Gutermann AG

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    Produktfilm - Product film Lufft Ventus-UMB - Video

    Extremely precise and maintenance-free measurement f wind velocity and wind direction, as well as calculation of acoustic virtual temperature. The ultrasonic wind sensor is designed without mechanical parts. Also the VENTUS is heated in case of critical ambient conditions. Made for cold ...

    By OTT HydroMet

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    Dispersion Technology Inc- Oil-in-Water Emulsion: Particle Sizing and Zeta Potential Video

    Characterization of Particle Size and Zeta Potential of an Oil-in-Water emulsion consisting of corn oil and water. All measurements were performed on a DT-1202 Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer, which uses acoustic spectroscopy for characterizing particle size and electrouacoustic spectroscopy for characterizing zeta potential. information on DT-1202, and other products manufactured by ...

    By Dispersion Technology Inc.

  • Acoustics - the fourth dimension in Texture Analysis Video

    How to measure the fourth dimension in Texture Analysis. The Acoustic Envelope Detector allows the capture of sound profiles to quantify crunchiness, crispiness, fracturability, brittleness. Capture the sound - measure more than force! Using the Acoustic Envelope Detector on a Texture Analyser you can measure and analyse the sound emitted when a product breaks. This allows you to quantify the ...

    By Stable Micro Systems

  • Tailor Welded Blanks Video

    The temate SI-WB is an automated Laser Weld Inspection System for tailor welded blanks based on Innerspec Technologies' temate platform. Learn More - The system uses Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) methods to perform ultrasonic non-destructive testing of the welds. The system provides ...

    By Innerspec Technologies

  • Sonardyne in Space - Wireless Integrity Monitoring at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab Video

    We had the opportunity to showcase our latest optical, wireless, imaging, and acoustic technology alongside OneSubsea and Saab at NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL). NASA's NBL is an underwater training facility used to prepare astronauts for the micro-gravity conditions they will experience in space. At 202 feet long, 101 feet wide and 40 feet deep, and holding 6.2 million gallons of water, the ...

    By Sonardyne International Ltd

  • RFB 2000 Troubleshooting Guide Video

    The RFB-2000 is designed to measure the total acoustic power on medical ultrasound devices. The instrument is compliant with regulatory requirements including AIUM-NEMA UD-2, UD-3, IEC 61161, and with associated IEC standards. This tutorial provides tips on how to troubleshoot operational issues when operating the RFB-2000 Radiation Force Balance. For more information about ultrasound ...

    By Onda Corporation

  • Getting Started with the HFO-690 Fiber Optic Hydrophone Video

    The HFO-690 is the latest generation optical fiber hydrophone designed to uniquely support high intensity fields for applications such as HIFU, providing both acoustic pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously. Whereas traditional piezoelectric hydrophones were susceptible to damage, the HFO can withstand acoustic pressures up to 500 MPa. This video provides a tutorial on how to ...

    By Onda Corporation

  • Sultan Acoustic Wave systems 10kHz Used for Level Control in Truck Dump ROM Bin Video

    The Australian government’s Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) regulations require #mines to integrate dust suppression measures into their processing. Trucks dumping into ROM bins generate massive amounts of dust and thus require huge volumes of water suppression sprays, this combination of dust and moisture causes passive #level #technologies to fail. See the footage of Hawk ...

    By Hawk Measurement Systems

  • Sultan Acoustic Wave Stockpile 5kHz System on Long Range Coarse Ore Stockpile Video

    #Conveyor fed coarse #ore #stockpiles generate huge amounts of dust which can interfere with and even stick to passive #LevelMeasurement #technologies, causing false readings, failures and downtime. See the vision of Hawk Measurement Systems' Sultan Acoustic Wave 5Khz system with self-cleaning acoustic #technology working perfectly in this extremely dusty, long range application. #LevelSensor ...

    By Hawk Measurement Systems

  • Mirmorax - Oil in Water Analyzer Video

    The Mirmorax Oil in Water Analyzer is based on an ultrasonic measurement technique in which individual acoustic echoes are characterized using advanced signal ...

    By Mirmorax AS

  • Octave Band Analysis - Video

    Octave analysis is an indispensable tool for sound measurement because it gives a close approximation of how the human ear responds. Dewesoft octave analysis solution meets all of the IEC and ANSI specifications for octave filters. Learn more at ...

    By DEWESoft

  • Octave analysis CPB - Averaging Type - Video

    Averaging is used to get more stable results. There are three averaging modes available: Linear averaging - each FFT counts the same Exponential averaging - FFT’s become less and less important with time Peak hold averaging - only maximum results are stored and shown Learn more at ...

    By DEWESoft

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    FLEXNET: Wireless protection surveillance platform by Exensor Video

    The Flexnet solution, developed by Exensor, is a user friendly, flexible, comprehensive surveillance solution combining a wide range of sensors (Passive infrared, Seismic and acoustic, and intelligent motion cameras) with a proprietary command & control software. This self-healing mesh networks allows for detection, classification & identification of any threat. The Flexnet sensor platform is a ...

    By Bertin Instruments

  • Nor848A acoustic camera breakout noise from café Video

    Using acoustic camera to locate leakages in café ...

    By Norsonic AS

  • iXblue Subsea Positioning and Navigation Solutions Video

    Subsea acoustic positioning and navigation solutions. A Comprehensive field-proven solutions: - Gaps (pre-calibraed USBL acoustic system) - Ramses (LBL sparse array acoustic system) - Octans Nano (ROV navigation system) The fourth-generation Gaps USBL system: - wide-angle accurate positioning and data quality in deep & shallow waters. - pre-calibrated and portable ...

    By iXBlue Ltd

  • Drive Walk Dig Drill Shotgun Demo - Horizon DAS Video

    Horizon DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) demonstration at Bandweaver test site in ...

    By Bandweaver

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