Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Pilot of BACTcontrol at Aigües de Barcelona - Case Study

    MicroLAN just started (Febr. 2017) to work under WP10 of Aquavalens with Aigües de Barcelona and CETaqua. This WP aims to obtain data on the occurrence of waterborne pathogens in different water types and implement and test the microbiological methods and tools for risk management in large water systems. The team consists of:Claudia Puigdomenech SerraDavid Baquero Gonzale

  • Microbes Run the World

    Microbes run the world. They are the governing agents behind the conversion of key elements into vital biological forms. They remove toxins from their environments, and protect us from ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Average Temperature Probe

    Average Temperature Probe

    The MCG 351 (ATP) represents state-of-the-art temperature measurement, and is accepted worldwide to use as a standard for custody transfer inventory and corrected volumes. The MCG 351 Averaging Temperature Probe (ATP) allows gauges and transmitters to sense temperature through the change of resistance in the probe. The MCG 351 possesses a series of spot temperature sensitive elements positioned ...