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aerosol emissions (Aerosol Monitoring) equipment

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    EVERISE - Model EV-Lidar-CAM - Aerosol Laser LiDAR with 3D Scanning Function

    With 532nm laser, EV-Lidar-CAM with 3D scanning function, is mainly used to continuously monitor horizontal and vertical distribution of atmospheric aerosols, to analyze composition and spatial&temporal evolution of aerosols, to monitor the concentration distribution of PM10 and PM2.5 vertically and horizontally, and to monitor weather process ...

    By Everise Technology Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Remote Sensing LiDAR Detection Product line

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    EVERISE - Model EV-Lidar - Aerosol Laser Lidar

    With a 532nm laser, EV-Lidar polarized Micro Pulse Lidar (MPL) could continuously monitor the aerosols distribution, analyze composition and spatial&temporal evolution of aerosols. EV-Lidar could also acquire such data as structure and evolution characteristics of PBL, vertical extinction coefficient and temporal evolution characteristics of ...

    By Everise Technology Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Remote Sensing LiDAR Detection Product line

  • EDC (electrostatic) - Electrostatic Fine Dust Collector

    The Waste Gas Treatment Product and Service Portfolio of DAS includes EDC, an electrostatic dust collector responsible for the treatment of particle-containing or aerosol-containing process waste gases up to 90 m³/h as they accrue, for example, in solar cell manufacturing. The dust collector reduces particle emissions of even the finest ...

    By DAS Environmental Expert GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY. from Waste Gas Treatment Product line

  • Airmodus - Model A23 - Condensation Particle Counter for Vehicle Emissions

    Airmodus A23 Condensation Particle Counter is a user-friendly tool for all applications where counting aerosol particles larger than 23 nm is a necessity. It fulfills the requirements of the Particle Measurement Protocol (PMP) for EURO 5/6. The A23 can be used both as a stand-alone instrument for measuring the total particle number concentration, ...

    By Airmodus Oy based in Helsinki, FINLAND.

  • Aerosolv - Model 7000XL - Aerosol Can Disposal System

    The Aerosolv 7000XL Can Puncturing System is specifically designed to comply with California's rigorous vapor emission regulations while minimizing your aerosol can waste stream. Intact, aerosol cans are considered hazardous waste, but once punctured and drained, they can be recycled as scrap steel.

    By Aerosolv - A Justrite Group Company based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA). from Aerosolv Systems Product line

  • Low-Flow Thermodenuder Model 3065

    The presence of volatile particles and their precursors in particulate exhaust emissions can have great influence over the size measurement when the exhaust cools and dilutes. The Low-Flow Thermodenuder removes precursors and volatile particles from an aerosol sample for subsequent measurement of dry particle size. It is optimized for use with TSI ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Low-Flow Thermodenuder Model 3065 Product line

  • Model SEB 01-70 - Beta Spectrometer

    Beta-spectrometer SEB 01-70 is designed for measuring of beta-emission radio-nuclides in the samples of environmental objects, food samples, water, radioactive solutions, in aerosol filters, in standard beta-radiation samples.

  • TYPHOON - High Efficiency Emission & Data Capture System

    TYPHOON is Babwe Barton’s first product; a high efficiency Emission & Data Capture system. Using advanced materials and aerodynamic modelling, TYPHOON is a blank canvas approach to industrial aerosol and vapour capture (Precipitation). Babwe Barton has taken the knowledge from several different technologies and processes and summarised ...

    By Babwe Barton Enterprises based in West Common, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Engeldot - Floating Rotating Bubble Aerator

    The floating rotating bubble aerator can be used to easily add oxygen to water. Due to its unique configuration oxygen is added under water. Therefore no aerosol is formed and is sound emission contained to a minimum. This is highty functional for revitalizing water, and adding oxygen to aerobic processes.

    By Engeldot-Water based in Hoogeveen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Fine Bubble Aeration System

    Fine bubble aeration panels with a high efficiency of 3 to 6 kg O2/kWh, resulting in a low energy consumption and low CO2-emmision. A sludge concentration of up to 20 g/l can be achieved in the aeration basin. No nuisance by odour or noise. No emission of aerosols.

    By TREVI nv based in Gentbrugge, BELGIUM. from Wastewater Treatment Plants Product line

  • TSI - Model 379020A - Rotating Disk Thermodiluter

    Proper dilution and conditioning of exhaust emissions is essential to obtain accurate size distribution and particle number measurements. The Rotating Disk Thermodiluter 379020A is highly regarded in the field of particle emission measurement, especially for sampling, diluting and conditioning exhaust from diesel and spark-ignition engines. And, ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Aerosol Diluters Product line

  • DustTrak - Environmental Aerosol Monitor

    From TSI, the world leader in particle measurements, the Environmental DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitor is a real-time supplement to Federal Reference Method data collection that can be deployed remotely in under an hour. Integrated early detection features enable timely mitigation of sources contributing to increased air pollution exposure levels. ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Aerosol and Dust Monitors Product line

  • Model HZI - Wet Scrubber

    Wet scrubbing is the most effective method for removing acid gases from even heavily burdened flue gases and achieving lowest emission levels. It also assures excellent removal of fine particulates and aerosols. Consumable usage rates and residue quantities are minimised. The contaminants are captured by providing intensive contact between the ...

    By Hitachi Zosen Inova AG based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND. from Flue Gas Treatment Product line

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