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aerosol exposure (Aerosol Monitoring) equipment

  • AEROTRAK - Model 9000 - Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor

    The AEROTRAK™ 9000 Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor indicates the surface area of nanoparticle aerosols that deposit in the lung, corresponding to the ICRP lung deposition curves for the tracheobronchial (TB) and alveolar (A) regions of the human respiratory tract. The AEROTRAK™ 9000 monitor is a portable, battery-operated diffusion ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Exposure Monitoring Product line

  • DustTrak - Aerosol Monitor

    The DUSTTRAK™ Aerosol Monitor is a portable, battery-operated laser photometer with real-time mass concentration readout and data logging capability. The monitor provides reliable exposure assessment by measuring particle concentrations corresponding to respirable size, PM10, PM2.5 or PM1.0 size fractions.

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Exposure Monitoring Product line

  • DUSTTRAK Environmental Enclosure

    The weatherproof Environmental Enclosure protects the DUSTTRAK™ Aerosol Monitor when used outdoors and in harsh industrial environments. Primarily used in outdoor settings, the wind- and rain-proof enclosure features an extended-life battery for long-term unattended sampling. The Environmental Enclosure comes with an omni-directional sampling ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Exposure Monitoring Product line

  • SIDEPAK - Model AM510 - Personal Aerosol Monitor

    The SIDEPAK™ AM510 Personal Aerosol Monitor is a rugged, lightweight, belt mounted laser photometer, weighing as little as 16 oz. It is compact and quiet, minimizing interference and worker discomfort. The built-in sampling pump lets you attach a wide variety of size-selective inlet conditioners for worker breathing zone or area measurements with ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Exposure Monitoring Product line

  • ECO RANGE - Model FFP1- FFP2 - Cup Dust Masks

    Only suitable against particles, and solid or liquid aerosols (water or oil aerosols). Not suitable for gas and vapours exposure which require a higher filtering efficiency.

    By Nueva Sibol S.L.U. based in Zamudio, SPAIN. from Respiratory Protection Product line

  • IsoSense - Model MDI or TDI - Sampling Unit

    The IsoSense is a portable and economical sampling device ideal for measuring vapor and aerosol levels of isocyanate compounds (TDI & MDI) down to 1ppb. Speciall designed for personal exposure evalutations, area surveys and emergency response.

    By DOD Technologies Inc based in Cary, ILLINOIS (USA). from Portable Gas Detector Product line

  • Testo DiSCmini - Handheld Measuring Instrument for Nanoparticle Counting

    The hand-held particle counter testo DiSCmini measures the number and average diameter of nanoparticles efficiently, based on the electrical charging of aerosols. For example, with the testo DiSCmini you can reliably monitor human exposure to diesel soot, welding fumes or industrial nanoparticles. With the handy testo DiSCmini, you can take your ...

    By Testo SE & Co. KGaA based in Lenzkirch, GERMANY.

  • Training Network - Model 2710-DV - Laboratory Fume Hoods

    Many of the materials used in laboratories give off fumes, mists, vapors, particulates or aerosols which are hazardous. To minimize exposure to these materials, special precautions need to be taken. This often means working within a laboratory hood. This training program emphasizes how to properly use laboratory hoods and how to test them to ...

    By The Training Network based in Durham, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • EDC - Model DPM-4000 - Real-Time Diesel Particulate Monitor

    The product is designed for measuring diesel particulate matter for Industrial Hygiene and Environmental air investigations. The DPM-4000 is individually worn and offers immediate determination and data storage of air borne diesel particulate concentrations in micrograms per cubic meter. This is the only commercially available personal direct ...

    By Environmental Devices Corporation (EDC) based in Plaistow, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Haz-Dust Devices Product line

  • Model EN 149:2009 - Disposable Masks

    Suitable for risks of particles, and solid or liquid aerosols. Not suitable for gas and vapours exposure which require a higher filtering efficiency. SIBOL Dust Masks are 'D', liable to be used for more than one working shift. This product has been tested and complies with The New French Decree agreed by the Notified ...

    By Nueva Sibol S.L.U. based in Zamudio, SPAIN. from Respiratory Protection Product line

  • DustTrak - Environmental Aerosol Monitor

    From TSI, the world leader in particle measurements, the Environmental DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitor is a real-time supplement to Federal Reference Method data collection that can be deployed remotely in under an hour. Integrated early detection features enable timely mitigation of sources contributing to increased air pollution exposure levels. ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Aerosol and Dust Monitors Product line

  • MICRODUST - PM10 Sequential Sampler

    Both the European Union (EU, 1996) that the Ministry of Environment (DM 25/11/94), have highlighted the importance of continuous monitoring of exposure to physical finer aerosol or with an aerodynamic diameter less than 10 ìm (thoracic fraction or PM 10). These particles are indeed responsible for significant adverse health effects ...

    By Aquaria Srl based in Lacchiarella, ITALY. from ACTIVE - Outdoor Samplers Product line

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