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HORIBA - Model APHA-370 - Ambient THC Monitor / Ambient Air Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in DENMARK

The APHA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric THC, NMHC, and CH4 concentrations using a cross-flow modulated selective combustion type method combined with a hydrogen ion detection method. The APHA-370 employs an independent, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy.

Indoor Air Quality Monitors / Indicators / Controllers

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Office in Glostrup, DENMARK

Monitoring and controlling indoor air quality is very important to ensure a healthy and safe living and working environment. IAQ is a comprehensive index, including room temperature, humidity, fresh air and a diverse range of low concentrations of air contaminants. The measurement of indoor air quality has, conventionally, been used for comfort ...

Instrumatic - Continous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

by Instrumatic A/S     based in Ry, DENMARK

Instrumatic has since 1985 supplied CEM systems based on dilution extractive sampling in combination with ambient air analyzers. Instrumatic sell the CEM system world wide in cooperation with our partners, direct to endusers and to OEM customers.

Dust Detective Enclosure - Dust Monitor

by Casella     Distributor in SMØRUM, DENMARK

The Dust Detective based on the Microdust Pro and  TUFF sampling pump is an ideal survey tool, which is quick to assemble, easily deployed and provides data which can be downloaded for evaluation and reporting purposes.

Model G2000 - Ambient Oil Mist Detector

by Green Instruments A/S     based in Brønderslev, DENMARK

Green Instruments’ oil mist detector – the G2000 Ambient Oil Mist Detector – is a line-of-sight opacity meter that is used to detect oil mist, smoke, or dust in open spaces such as pump rooms, engine rooms, and other facilities. The G2000 oil mist detector displays the opacity of the air in percent and the alarms are ...

Microdust - Model Pro - Remote Noise Monitoring System / Remote Dust Emissions Monitoring System

by Casella     Distributor in SMØRUM, DENMARK

Microdust Pro is a rugged, hand-held, data logging instrument for the real-time detection of airborne dusts, fumes and aerosols. A quick, easy to use instrument, giving the user additional qualitative data which cannot be gained by gravimetric air sampling methods alone. This extremely versatile instrument can also be used with a range of ...

Signal - Model Learian StreetBox - Air Pollution Monitor

by Signal Group Ltd     Distributor in DENMARK

A low cost, pre-calibrated indicative air pollution monitor, the Streetbox uses electrochemical cell technology along with a nephalometer to measure a suite of air quality parameters. It provides real time information on pollution trends making it perfect for impact assessment and other short to medium term air quality monitoring projects.

Model PCO2 - Atmospheric Air Kit

by General Oceanics Inc.     Distributor in HASSELAGER-Aarhus, DENMARK

Kit includes 250 feet (85m) 3/8 inch (9.5mm) composite tubing, a rain guard and connectors.

TUFF - Personal Sampling Pumps

by Casella     Distributor in SMØRUM, DENMARK

The TUFF personal sampling pumps cover a range of applications for the monitoring of dusts, fumes gases and vapours. Ergonomically designed to suit harsh environments the TUFF offers reliability and longevity in the field.

Casella - Model Apex2 - Personal Air Sampling Pump

by Casella     Distributor in SMØRUM, DENMARK

The Apex2 range are the new generation of personal sampling pumps offering class beating performance combined with a slim ergonomic design. With the addition of Bluetooth® Connectivity you can monitor your sampling from your mobile device without having to disturb the wearer. Email run data alongside any photos or notes to make your reporting ...

Spare Parts kit for pCO2 System

by General Oceanics Inc.     Distributor in HASSELAGER-Aarhus, DENMARK

Air Filters, Naphion Dryers, Tubing, Restrictors, Fuses, Ferrules, Fan Filters, Hose clamps.

Pinger - Model BFP-312 - Bottom Finding Benthos

by General Oceanics Inc.     Distributor in HASSELAGER-Aarhus, DENMARK

195 dB source level 12 KHZ Bottom Finding Pinger used in conjunction with a standard 12KHZ shipboard bathymetric recorder to monitor height off the bottom of instruments or sampling equipment being lowered through the water column.

Tekran - Model 1120 - Standard Addition Controller

by Tekran Instruments Corporation     Distributor in DENMARK

The Tekran Model 1120 Standard Addition Controller allows both standard additions and blanks to be performed at user programmed intervals while using the Model 2537 Mercury Vapor Monitor. Standard additions are accomplished by timed activation of the Model 2537 internal calibration source and zero air selector valves. Standard additions can be ...

Moldow - Energy Manager System

by Moldow A/S     based in Holsted, DENMARK

Modern demands for energy conservation and efficiency have produced a clear-cut demand for energy optimised production equipment, and have generally brought focus to a company's total energy consumption. Extraction systems are recognized as large energy consumers, and therefore Moldow has developed a control and monitoring system that controls the ...

Signal - Model StreetNOx - Reference Method System for Measuring NOx

by Signal Group Ltd     Distributor in DENMARK

With the footprint of a telephone exchange cabinet the StreetNOx is a reference method system for measuring NOx by the roadside. It is available for measuring other gases such as SOx and can also be configured with a particulate monitor in addition to the NOx detector. Roadside ambient air quality monitoring system for NOx or any single gas ...

Turnkey Plants

by Nuova Idropress S.p.A     Distributor in Fur, DENMARK

Thanks to the experience built in more than 40 years of presence in the plant engineering sector for expanded polystyrene Nuova IDROPRESS S.p.A. disposes of the necessary Know How for the design and realization of complete plants “turnkey” for the transformation and processing of EPS. Supplies of this type have already been sent to ...

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