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atmospheric monitoring Equipment available in Zimbabwe

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    Model PCO2 - Atmospheric Air Kit

    Kit includes 250 feet (85m) 3/8 inch (9.5mm) composite tubing, a rain guard and connectors.

    By General Oceanics Inc. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Monitoring Product line

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    HORIBA - Model APHA-370 - Ambient THC Monitor / Ambient Air Monitor

    The APHA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric THC, NMHC, and CH4 concentrations using a cross-flow modulated selective combustion type method combined with a hydrogen ion detection method. The APHA-370 employs an independent, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy.

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH based in Leichlingen, GERMANY. from Process & Environmental - Ambient Monitoring Product line

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    TunnelTech - Model 301 - Air Flow Monitor

    The TunnelTech 301 Air Flow Monitor (AFM) is CODEL’s industry proven tunnel air flow monitor. Tunnel ventilation systems are designed to enable a sufficient throughput of air to be maintained to ensure a safe operating environment for users. These systems consume large amounts of power and need to be operated as efficiently as possible. To ...

    By Codel International Ltd based in Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tunnel Sensors – Air Flow Monitors Product line

  • Model APM 5000 - Airborne Particulate Monitor

    The airborne particulate monitor allows monitoring the concentration of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles with high accuracy and reliability thanks to its laser light technology and the digital filtering and averaging of the measurements. To determine the size and amount of particles of each class, the monitor emits laser light from a transmitter ...

    By Darrera, S.A. based in Esplugues de Llobregat, SPAIN. from Weather - Onset - Atmospheric Pressure Product line

  • Premium

    TodaySure Matthews - Supervisory Control & Emission Monitoring System

    The plant is controlled and policed by an all encompassing supervisory propriety human machine interface based control system. The system will constantly monitor the plants performance and automatically trim and correct any out of tolerance parameter.

    By Todaysure Limited based in Hyde, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Incinerators Product line

  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)

    Loccioni Environment provides complete systems for monitoring continuous industrial emissions in the atmosphere (CEMS): Interfacing with the bodies dealing with law limits control, it affords turnkey solutions, fixed or transportable CEMS, complete with data acquisition and processing software, for plants of any size.

    By Loccioni Group based in Angeli di Rosora (AN), ITALY. from Environmental Process Monitoring Systems Product line

  • Model 110E - Multistream VOC Analysis Systems

    The measuring system foresees a rotation automatic sampling valve, that introduces into the analytical circuit about 0.6 ml of sample gas, balanced against atmospheric pressure in order to guarantee repeatable samples. Everything is assembled in a temperature controlled environment. Sample is sacked by an air ejector located at the back of the ...

    By PCF Elettronica S.r.l. based in Levate (BG), ITALY. from Stack Monitoring Automatic Systems Product line

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    AQMesh - Low Cost Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

    AQMesh is the only commercially available and proven low-cost system for monitoring air quality. The product combines a robust hardware platform with the latest sensor technology and GPRS communication, cloud-based data processing and online access. AQMesh pods are manufactured in the UK to the very high standard demanded by users in the other ...

    By AQMesh based in Stratford-upon-Avon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • ENVI-Air - Operating Gas Analyzer

    The ENVI-Air from Environics is a continuously operating gas analyzer designed for ultra-low level detection of either single or multi-component hazardous gases in ambient air.  It will operate indoor or outdoor in the harshest environmental conditions and needs little or no maintenance.  ENVI-Air is based on IMS or GC-IMS ...

    By Environics based in Mikkeli, FINLAND. from Industrial Products - Industrial Ambient Air Monitoring Product line

  • Factair - Model F6102 - HP Inline Monitoring System

    The F6102 high pressure breathing air monitoring system works in conjunction with the F6100 Safe-Air Monitor. It is designed to be installed in line between the HP compressor(s) and the charging whips / storage cylinders. The F6100 constantly monitors the supply from the HP compressor(s) and whilst it is within the requirements of EN12021 (or ...

    By Factair Limited based in Ipswich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air Quality Testing Product line

  • Model CEMS - Emission Monitoring Systems

    Often, emission monitoring systems can be prone to faults, with unstable systems being built which allow particulates to be incorrectly filtered and high water vapour levels/corrosive components being left in the gas stream. This can not only damage the system, causing long term problems, but also create an unreliable sample. At Orbital, we use ...

    By Orbital based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Emissions & Environmental Product line

  • Factair - Model F6100 - Safe-Air Monitor for Breathing-Air Systems

    The F6100 Safe Air Monitor is the ideal instrument for those requiring continuous monitoring of their breathing-air supply. Supplied with a wall mounting kit, connection hose and coupling the F6100 is designed to be connected via a T fitting to the breathing-air supply. Once set up the instrument will continue to monitor and data log the air ...

    By Factair Limited based in Ipswich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air Quality Testing Product line

  • 05305-L R. M. Young Air Quality Wind Monitor

    The wind monitors are lightweight instruments that measure wind speed and direction. Manufactured by R. M. Young, the wind monitors are cabled for use with our dataloggers. The wind monitors' design emphasizes simplicity and lightweight construction. They are made out of rigid, UV-stabilized thermoplastic with stainless-steel and anodized-aluminum ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. based in Logan, UTAH (USA). from Sensors Product line

  • GasAlertMicroClip - Model XL Series - Multi Gas Detectors

    The GasAlertMicroClip provides affordable protection from atmospheric gas hazards. Its simple, durable and compact design make it the easiest four gas monitor to wear, allowing workers to focus on the job at hand without feeling weighed down.

    By Honeywell Analytics, Inc. based in Lincolnshire, ILLINOIS (USA). from Portable Gas Detection Product line

  • Gradko - Ozone Diffusion Tubes

    Ozone tubes are Palmes-type diffusion tubes used for long-term monitoring over 2-4 weeks. Ozone can be detected in the low parts per billion to low parts per million ranges. Specifically designed for Ozone absorption, the tubes are inexpensive and require no specialist skills or training, an ideal air monitor for large areas or for long-term ...

    By Gradko International Ltd based in Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Environmental Product line

  • Model PHI - Internally Heated Dryer

    A typical internal heater dryer includes two towers filled with desiccant, either activated alumina or molecular sieve media. One tower dries air while the other tower is regenerated. As the air flows through the initial tower, the desiccant, which has an affinity for moisture in its pores, adsorbs moisture and dry air flows out of that tower. ...

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Air Dryers Product line

  • Model PHE - Externally Heated Dryer

    A typical external heater dryer includes two towers filled with desiccant, either activated alumina or molecular sieve material. One tower, the initial tower, dries air while the other tower, is regenerated. As the air flows through the initial tower, the desiccant absorbs moisture as the pores of the media have an affinity for moisture and dry ...

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Air Dryers Product line

  • Biral - Model VPF-710 - Visibility Sensor 710

    The VPF-710 Visibility sensor provides high quality visibility measurement in a compact and highly robust package.The open design of the sensor head allows the free passage of air ensuring the visibility measurement is as accurate as possible in all conditions. Other features of the design ensure the correct response to all precipitation types as ...

    By Biral - Bristol Industrial & Research Associates Ltd based in Portishead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Visibility Sensors Product line

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