Airborne Particle Monitoring

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  • Monitor for detecting and assessing exposure to airborne nanoparticles

    Abstract An important safety aspect of the workplace environment concerns the severity of its air pollution with nanoparticles (NP; \100 nm) and ultrafine particles (UFP; \300 nm). Depending on their size and chemical nature, exposure to these particles through inhalation can be hazardous because of their intrinsic ability to deposit in the deep lung regions and the possibility to subsequently ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • High Pressure Gas Probe

    High Pressure Gas Probe

    High-technology manufacturing processes often require high-purity gases. The HPGP-101-C High Pressure Gas Probe System provides reliable in-line contamination monitoring for process gases at line pressure. The High Pressure Gas Probe System is compatible with oxygen, hydrogen and most non-toxic gases, and it can be used in many reactive gas monitoring applications. The High Pressure Gas Probe ...