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Alarm System (Alarm Systems) equipment

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    L&J Engineering - Model MCG 1096 - Wireless Level Alarm System

    The MCG 1096 Wireless High Level Alarm System brings high technology to over fill protection. In keeping with the L&J tradition, the MCG 1096 has gone a step further than the competition in providing high reliability and low maintenance. The MCG 1096 offers the most reliable protection available against dangerous and costly over fills

    By Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering) based in Hillside, ILLINOIS (USA). from Overfill Protection Product line

  • Excel - Alarm Systems

    The range of conventional control panels is a powerful yet user-friendly series of control panels. They are designed and manufactured to a high standard and is approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to EN54-2 and EN54-4. The range has earned a reputation over many years for quality and reliability and is recognised as market ...

    By Fireguard Safety Equipment Co Ltd. based in Willenhall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Alarm Systems Product line

  • Model Mk3 - Alarm System

    The Mk3 alarm panel can monitor up to 12 separate locations, each location has a separate isolator key switch built into the panel along with an external/internal selector switch for the sounders, auto dial on/off and an alarm reset switch.

    By Weltech International Ltd based in St.Ives, UNITED KINGDOM. from Monitoring Systems Product line

  • Approved Trader - Alarm Systems

    Petty crime and burglaries are on the up and police numbers are down, it is more important than ever to protect your property from damage and theft. An alarm system is a great way to help ensure your home is protected and is a great deterrent against any potential intruders. A home security system can give you peace of mind while you are away from ...

    By Approved Trader based in Smethick, UNITED KINGDOM. from Security Systems and Alarms Product line

  • Model Z 28D - 8 Zone Alarm System

    Pro-Tech has been making the eight zone Z 28 alarm since March 1990. We were forced to make it because Moose Products stopped making the MPI 50, which we used in the MARK XX alarm. Jim's favorite saying is 'Everything works out for the best' and this has been true with the Z 28. The first design had eight outputs for the dialer and nobody used it, ...

    By Pro-Tech Inc based in Statesville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Alarms Product line

  • IDS - Alarm System

    HIGH-LEIT provides a quick and clear overview of present faults via its workplaces: specific statuses are indicated by coloured, blinking icons on the alarm bar, permitting direct access to the alarm lists with appropriately grouped detail information. The user can enter any sort of comment for each alarm in the alarm list. For each status, alarm ...

    By IDS GmbH based in Ettlingen, GERMANY. from SCADA System Product line

  • RITAS - Alarm Systems

    With the RITAS alarm system you can be reached anywhere – alarms can be transmitted via voice announcement, text messaging, pager, fax or email. Alarms are monitored via local contacts or data links, incl. IEC 60870-5-104, and can be acknowledged in different ways. The RITAS system is very easy to configure, offers extensive diagnostics and ...

    By Rittmeyer based in Baar, SWITZERLAND. from Communication Product line

  • EMILPROBE - Alarm System

    Alarm system that continuously monitors, in text and graphic form, the liquid in the tank (actual volume, level, temperature and the presence of water). Emilprobe is a probe, which performs real-time monitoring of the liquid inside the storage tanks for private or commercial use. Emilprobe can be controlled locally by means of a touchscreen ...

    By Emiliana Serbatoi S.r.l. based in Campogalliano (Modena), ITALY. from Fuel Monitoring Product line

  • Alarm Systems

    Alarm systems, also known as burglar or intrusion alarms, signal our Monitoring Centre should unwanted intruders enter the premises. Motion detectors, door and window contacts, glass break detectors and cameras can all activate an alarm.

    By Chubb Edwards based in Barrie, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Business Security Solutions Product line

  • Dr. Sherlock - Rolls-Royce Alarm System

    Dr. Sherlock is our Rolls-Royce alarm system model for professional livestock production. The user friendly monitor with digital display greatly simplifies operation. This system can monitor that ventilation is operated at the optimum in up to 10 housing units. The integrated audio computer provides an acoustic alarm message that describes the ...

    By KJ Klimateknik A/S based in Thorning, DENMARK. from Monitoring and Alarm systems Product line

  • Agri-Alert - Model 800Eze - Building Alarms System

    System has all the basic Agri-Alert features plus: Agri-Alert's famous 'Spike Block' lightning protection. Environment proof pvc enclosure. Non-volatile event buffer & alarm memory. Built-in microphone for on-site listening. 8 'supervised' zones. Individually programmable as temperature, dry contact, or burglary zones. Zones can be activated ...

    By Vittetoe, Inc. based in Keota, IOWA (USA). from Building Alarms Product line

  • AutroVoice - Model BR-200 - Voice Alarm Systems

    In an emergency, people must not only be able to hear an alarm - but understand its message. Autronica’s voice alarm avoids the use of confusing and often frightening emergency bells or sirens. Our voice alarm uses a public address system (PA) to tell the public what the emergency is, where it is, and what to do. A calm, authoritative voice ...

    By Autronica Fire and Security AS based in Trondheim, NORWAY. from Voice Alarm Product line

  • Agri-Alert - Model 9600 - Building Alarms System

    Grouping Zones: Group all zones in a barn. When the barn is empty all zones can be shutdown with one entry. Only 4 wires between master, keypads and transponder. Simple installation. Reduces wiring costs in multiple barn or room installations Configure zones for Pulse: Water pressure 0-5 Volt Sentor: Pressure Gauge 4-20 MA Sensor: RPM Event ...

    By Vittetoe, Inc. based in Keota, IOWA (USA). from Building Alarms Product line

  • Elotec - Model Elotecniq - Fire Alarm System

    With a simple control device you can take control over self-caused alarms, so that cooking fumes and such do not cause a full alarm with subsequent evacuation and response from the fire brigade. One single press on the Elotecniq device in your apartment will silence the alarm and allow time to air out the room. If smoke is still present when this ...

    By Elotec AS based in Oppdal, NORWAY. from Fire Alarm Systems Product line

  • Fike - Smoke Control Fire Alarm System

    Reliable and fast, Fike’s intelligent fire alarm panels can also be equipped with advanced smoke control interface modules. This intelligent option controls and allows manual override of remote air handling equipment (air handlers, dampers, pressurization fans, etc.) and indicates the current status of this equipment – all with no need ...

    By Fike Corporation based in Blue Springs, MISSOURI (USA). from Fire Alarm Systems Product line

  • Watchdog - Seismic Warning Alarm System

    The Watchdog Earthquake Early Warning Alarm from QMI detects the primary-wave (p-wave) ground motion caused by an earthquake and sounds an alarm before the potentially damaging secondary waves (s-wave) arrive. This valuable warning time can range from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the distance from the epicenter and geological ...

    By QMI Manufacturing Inc. based in Coquitlam, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Seismic Products Product line

  • SuperPass - Model 3 - Personal Safety Alarm System

    SuperPass3 is a personal safety alarm designed for first responder safety.The SuperPASS 3 will stand up to the rigors faced by today’s firefighters.  Intrinsically safe, battery powered with a rugged case, the SuperPass 3 is the only stand-alone PASS designed and manufactured in the USA.

    By Grace Industries, Inc. based in Fredonia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from First Responder Safety Products- Public Safety Man Down Alarms Product line

  • "Silofil" Overfill Alarm System

    The Control Box which provides audible/visual alarm when the silo is approaching capacity. This can be provided with single, double or triple silo control. A pheumatically actuated butterfly valve located in the fill line. This operates 15 - 20 seconds after the alarm is activated to allow the operator to stop product flow and purge the line. The ...

    By Dust Collection Services Pty Ltd based in Narangba, AUSTRALIA.

  • Voice Alarm System

    The voice alarm systems have been created to evacuate a building in case of emergency, where the acoustic-optical devices (sirens, optical and acoustical panels) are not indicated or where such systems may be counterproductive (hospitals, shopping centers, etc..). Preceded historically by diffusion systems of music or voice messages, operative or ...

    By DEF based in Massy, FRANCE.

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