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  • Micromixers
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    By Micronit

    The mixing of fluids in microfluidics can be performed in various ways. One way is using micromixers with so-called folding flow techniques. Folding flow micromixers consist of a chain of elements. In each element the ...

  • Multichem S
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    Multichem S


    MULTICHEM S: Providing Test Consolidation for Serum Chemistry and IMMUNOLOGY QC in a Liquid Stable Format Using fresh frozen, human based plasma and a proprietary formulation, TECHNOPATH introduce a liquid stable, ...

  • Practical Laboratory Kits
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    Practical Laboratory Kits

    By DropSens

    Including outlines to carry out an experiment, the analyte and the SPEs to undertake the practical session. Suitable for Analytical Chemistry Courses (clinical, pharmaceutical, industrial and/or food analysis).

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