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  • EHS 4.0: What You Need to Know About the Digital Transformation

    EHS 4.0: What You Need to Know About the Digital Transformation

    Environmental, health and safety (EHS) management has always had three main goals: to keep people safe, minimize negative impact on the environment and keep operations running productively and without incident. This means adhering strictly to compliance regulations and looking fo

  • The Value and Importance of Testing

    The primary mission of Flow Sciences is to contain hazardous materials. We maintain a laboratory for containment performance verification, relevant standard testing, and product development.  We ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Vial Autosampler

    Vial Autosampler

    With the AQUATek 70, you can achieve the highest sample throughput on the market. Attain maximum sample capacity and throughput and improve your laboratory’s productivity with 70 sample positions. AQUATek 70 automatically measures the sample from each vial, adds a standard solution, and then transfers it to a Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator for analysis. With AQUATek’s automatic ...

Upcoming Events

  • 2-day The HPLC & LC-MS Clinic

    2-day The HPLC & LC-MS Clinic

    First, the course examines the method development process in detail; covering the objectives of analytical method development, how many components to be separated and the required sensitivity, selectivity, specificity and the speed of analysis. This is followed by system optimisation and configuration for HPLC and LC-MS. All of this knowledge is then put to the test in case studies. The course ...