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  • Maintenance-Free Sampling System
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    Maintenance-Free Sampling System

    By LAR Process Analysers AG

    The FlowSampler is a patented sampling device from LAR which does not require filtration because sample is siphoned-off fromsample stream towards the main flow direction of the water. Therefore, no large particles can ...

  • Mass Spectrometer Systems
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    Mass Spectrometer Systems

    By Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

    The leader in HPLC front ends for mass spectrometry, Shimadzu offers the utmost in reproducibility, speed, and versatility for any mass spec environment. Utilizing patented engineering, the best-in-class Prominence ...

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  • Tekran Instruments Corporation

    Tekran Instruments Corporation

    Tekran Instruments Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced systems for ambient and point-source mercury monitoring. With ...



    We are offering innovative analytical solutions for measurement tasks in the fields of environment, health and process control. With our ...

  • Endress Hauser

    Endress Hauser

    Endress Hauser is leading supplier of products, solutions and services for industrial process measurement and automation. We offer comprehensive ...