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  • Project Marseille tunnel ventilation systems - Case Study

    Project Marseille tunnel ventilation systems - Case Study

    Summary: AQMesh air quality monitoring pods have been selected for use in a project to control the ventilation of a road tunnel in the city of Marseille. Location: Marseille, France Date: February 2019 - Present Customer: AtmoSud (AirPACA) / CETU (Tunnel Studies Centre) Objective: To determine the link between ventilation and dispersion of the pollution at the end of the tunnel and to ...


  • Mobile ThermoInspector: New mobile thermal inspection system

    ThermoInspector Mobile is automatic inspection system for thermal monitoring, analysing and evaluation. It can be used for all welding, heating, cooling, soldering and other thermal processes in plastic, metal, biological, chemical and another ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Oxygen Gas Analyser System

    Oxygen Gas Analyser System

    The Rapidox 1100 oxygen gas analyser is the company’s most cost-effective and versatile range of gas analysers fitted with either zirconia or electrochemical type gas sensor. The zirconia oxygen sensor is the most common solution providing fast and accurate gas analysis over the range 1ppm to 30% O2 and is particularly suitable for aggressive industrial applications.