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  • Automating Sample Prep – The Questron Story

    Automating Sample Prep – The Questron Story

    We live in challenging times. Everyday, the tabloids, and other media channels are full of worrisome news of our changing environment, caused by humanity with its ever-tightening grasp on our planet. The net result is the ominous and uncertain future of our landscape and our environment. What can we, as corporate citizens, do to help?We, at Questron (


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  • Cartesian Geometry EDXRF Spectrometer

    Cartesian Geometry EDXRF Spectrometer

    By advanced Cartesian Geometry EDXRF, the Rigaku NEX CG spectrometer provides rapid, trace elemental analysis across a diverse range of matrices. Non-destructively analyze for elements sodium (Na) through uranium (U) in solids, liquids, powders, and thin films.