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  • PID Detection: An Ideal Solution to Monitor Benzene

    PID Detection: An Ideal Solution to Monitor Benzene

    The photoionisation detector (PID) has proven to be an ideal solution to monitor benzene within the environment. But there are several considerations that must be borne in mind when choosing an instrument. PID theory of operation Figure 1 is a schematic of a typical PID sensor system. A UV lamp generates high- energy photons, which pass through the lamp window and a mesh ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • SPB<sup></sup>-624 Capillary GC Column

    SPB-624 Capillary GC Column

    L × I.D. 60 m × 0.53 mm, df 3.00 μm General description Application: This column is specially tested for separation, efficiency, and low bleed. It is designed for purge-and-trap analyses of volatile halogenated, non-halogenated, and aromatic contaminants from environmental samples. USP Code: This column meets USP G43 requirements. Phase: • Bonded • Proprietary ...