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  • Infrared MicroSterilizer
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    Infrared MicroSterilizer

    By Sterlitech Corporation

    The BactiZapper has an asbestos-free core element that uses infrared heating to produce 815 degrees Celsius. It completely sterilizes in 5-7 seconds. The BactiZapper uses well-proven technology to provide instant ...

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  • Sterlitech Corporation

    Sterlitech Corporation

    Sterlitech Corporation is one of the largest producers and sellers of bench scale test equipment and flat sheet membranes used in research and ...

  • Air Concern Limited (ACL)

    Air Concern Limited (ACL)

    Air Concern Limited (ACL), is a provider of environmental products, equipment and supplies for industrial, commercial and residential air safety and ...

  • Quest Environmental

    Quest Environmental

    Quest Environmental is a full service environmental & regulatory compliance corporation established to satisfy the needs of industrial, commercial & ...