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  • Glycerol Detection Enzyme - Case Study

    BACKGROUND When biodiesel is made - from any feedstock - approximately 10% of the product will be glycerol (also called glycerin). Glycerol has many uses, but it destroys engines because it`s a sugar alcohol, and therefore must be removed from biodiesel before it can be used or sold as fuel. ASTM International has set a limit of 0.02% glycerol in biofuels (ASTM Standard D6751). ASTM`s s

  • Nitrate Biosensor - Case Study

    BACKGROUND In 1998, Dr. Bill Campbell and his team published a peer-reviewed journal article in Analytical Chemistry on the construction and characterization of Nitrate Reductase-Based Amperometric ...


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  • Acute Daphnia Toxicity Test Kit

    Acute Daphnia Toxicity Test Kit

    The acute Daphnia magna toxicity test is intended for toxicity screening of chemicals, effluents, surface waters, wastewaters, groundwaters, sediment pore waters and elutriates. In Daphtoxkit F, you find all necessary materials to perform six acute 24-48h mobility inhibition tests with the freshwater crustacean Daphnia magna. The Daphnia immobilisation test is cost-effective, culture-independent, ...