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Atmospheric Monitoring Equipment

  • ESY - EMS - Environmental Monitoring Station

    An EMS (Environmental Monitoring Station) consists of several sensors measuring atmospheric, pavement, soil and/or water level conditions. EMSs can be installed on various configurations or difficult communication conditions. While sensor selection should always reflect operational requirements, a typical EMS installation frequently include the ...

    By EnviroScopY SRL based in IASI, ROMANIA. from Monitoring Product line

  • Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS)

    A high-altitude, fringe-imaging Doppler LiDAR with built-in high spectral resolution capabilities, CATS gathers data on both wind motion and the properties of clouds and aerosols. Presented with an instrument concept from NASA, Sigma Space designed and fabricated CATS from the ground up—in addition to providing integration, test, and field ...

    By Sigma Space Corporation based in Lanham-Seabrook, MARYLAND (USA). from Atmospheric Sensors Product line

  • Model CE351 - Atmospheric Multi-Band Imager

    CE351 imager measures the sky radiance in 6 bandwidths from 406 nm to 628 nm. Its original patented design of its telecentric optics (Fish-eye +/- 92°) ensures an absolute measure with high angular resolution The instant measure of sky radiance brings complementary information in observation networks for the optical properties of the ...

    By Cimel Electronique S.A.S (Cimel) based in Paris, FRANCE. from Remote Sensing Instruments Product line

  • ATRAD - Model BLR12/27 - Atmospheric Boundary Layer Radar (BLR) Systems

    The ATRAD Atmospheric Boundary Layer Radar Systems BLR12/27 has been specifically designed for wind profiling a localised area at heights between 300 metres and 8 kilometres above ground level. Typical system configurations include a 12kW solid-state transmitter and 27 three-element Yagi antenna array. System frequency is set at factory within the ...

    By ATRAD Pty Ltd. based in Thebarton, AUSTRALIA. from Wind Profilers Product line

  • Aerosol - Light Optical Sensors

    LOAC Light Optical aerosol Counter Developed in cooperation with French research institute LCP2E-CNRS, LOAC determines the concentration of aerosols (numbers of aerosols per cm3) for 20 size classes between 0.3 and 100 urn (with 10 size classes between 0.3 and 5 urn). The instrument can be used to document the physical properties of aerosols in ...

    By Meteomodem based in Ury, FRANCE. from Sensors Product line

  • Pulsar Isensys - Model PulsarGuard 2001 - Acoustic Sensor

    The unique PulsarGuard 2001 acoustic sensor is an intrinsically safe unit (ATEX EEx ia IIC T4) made from 316 stainless steel with environmental protection to IP68. SandAlert is perfect for a wide variety of different applications, and installation could not be simplier. The sand sensor is connected to the outside of the pipeline with a stainless ...

    By Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd based in Worcestershire, UNITED KINGDOM. from SandAlert Product line

  • Boundary Layer Network

    Thermodynamic evolution of severe thunderstorm that caused 22 deaths and 5-day power outage in Washington, D.C. (Novakovskaia et al, 2013). Radiometrics, in partnership with Earth Networks (the operator of the largest weather, lightning and climate observation networks in North America) has deployed a new monitoring network for the continuous ...

    By Radiometrics Corporation based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA).

  • ShearScout - Low Level Wind Shear Alert System

    ShearScout® is a low level wind shear alert system designed to enhance the safety, regularity and efficiency of aviation in changing wind conditions. Wind shear encounters below an altitude of 1,000ft pose a serious threat to aircraft and may cause dangerous deviations from the intended flight path. The pilot has very little time or altitude ...

    By Selex ES GmbH based in Neuss, GERMANY. from Meteorology- Wind Shear Detection Systems Product line

  • Scintec - Model BLS450 Series - Large Aperture Scintillometer

    The Scintec BLS450 Large Aperture Scintillometer measures atmospheric turbulence and heat flux over path lengths between 250 m (with Path Reduction Aperture, otherwise 500 m) and 6000 m. As part of a meteorological station it can also be used to determine the evapotranspiration over extended areas.

    By Scintec AG based in Rottenburg, GERMANY. from BLS Scintillometers Product line

  • Brunton¨ Atmospheric Data Center Meters

    These pocket weather stations measure everything from wind speed, temperature and altitude to barometric pressure, relative humidity and air density. Each meter shows accurate current temperature (¡C or ¡F), wind chill, wind speed, time, day and date plus each features a race timer (50 lap with recall function) and 1/100-second chronograph ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Weather Stations Product line

  • Premium

    HORIBA - Model APSA-370 - Ambient Sulfur Dioxide Monitor

    The APSA-370 is a device for the continuous monitoring of atmospheric SO2 using UV fluorescence. The APSA-370 employs an proprietary, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy. The dry-method, due to its minimal maintenance requirements capability of continuous monitoring and instantaneous ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH based in Leichlingen, GERMANY. from Process & Environmental - Ambient Monitoring Product line

  • Premium

    Tekran - Model 1135 - Particulate Mercury Unit

    The Tekran Model 1135 Particulate Mercury Module connects seamlessly to the top of the Model 1130 to continuously monitor ambient air particulate bound mercury (HgP), gaseous oxidized mercury (GOM) and gaseous elemental mercury (GEM). The complete Tekran 2537-1130-1135 Atmospheric Mercury Speciation System provides fully automated, unattended ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Ambient Air Product line

  • Aerodyne - Dual Laser Quantum Cascade Laser Trace Gas Monitor

    Sensitive, rapid, highly specific and continuous measurements of multiple atmospheric trace gases in ambient air.

    By Aerodyne Research, Inc. based in Billerica, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from QC Laser Trace Gas Monitors Product line

  • Eco Physics - Model PLC 860 - Dual Reaction Chamber Analyzers

    The photolytic converter PLC 860 is capable to converting selectively NO2 in concentrations of a few ppt. This instrument is the right choice for areas with excellent air quality.

    By ECO PHYSICS INC. based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA). from Atmospheric Research Product line

  • CS110 Electric Field Meter

    The CS110 Electric Field Meter measures the vertical component of the atmospheric electric field. It is used in research applications for measuring the local electric field and for lightning warning applications. The CS110 uses a reciprocating shutter instead of the traditional rotating vane field mill, a feature that improves reliability and ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc. based in Logan, UTAH (USA). from Sensors Product line

  • Ice Beacon - Sensors

    The family of MetOcean Ice Beacons consists of a group of products that use two basic hull shapes and a wide variety of sensors. Ice Beacons measure ice movement (GPS position), atmospheric parameters, ice thickness and temperatures, and subsurface parameters.

    By MetOcean Data Systems Limited based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Metocean Systems- Polar Platforms Product line

  • BSI - Model GUV-2511 - Ground-Based UV / PAR Radiometer

    The GUV-2511 Ground-based Ultraviolet / PAR Radiometer was specifically designed to measure downwelling irradiance at 305, 313, 320, 340, 380, and 395 nm, as well as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR; 400–700 nm). Alternative wavelengths ar

    By Biospherical Instruments Inc. based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Atmospheric Radiometers Product line

  • Mercury Removal Membrane

    Mercury is typically released into the environment as elemental and ionic mercury. Ionic mercury is quickly washed from the atmosphere near the release site. Elemental mercury, however, can travel in the atmosphere for 3 to 24 months, contaminating soil and waterways. The EPA has publicly expressed concern over the current and future concentration ...

    By Global Industrial Water based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Mercury Removal Product line

  • PilotSonde - Wind Measurements Instruments

    Improve your wind measurements with the PilotSonde. This tiny GPS radiosonde without Temperature and Humidity sensors is the new advanced technology alternative to theodolite optical devices to perform Pilotsounding and developped by Meteomodem since 2013. No more troubles with ascent prediction and monitoring or even data quality, our reliable ...

    By Meteomodem based in Ury, FRANCE. from Radiosonde Product line

  • DELTA OHM - Model HD 408 - analog output relative or differential atmospheric pressure

    The HD408T, HD4V8T are analog output relative or differential atmospheric pressuretransmitters; they are used in all those applications where non corrosive airor gas need to be monitored, with pressure fields from 10 mbar to 2000 mbar.The piezoresistive sensor gives extremely precise and stable measurements ofthe applied differential pressure, ...

    By Delta OHM S.r.L. based in Caselle di Selvazzano, ITALY. from Instruments - Pressure - Industrial Product line

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