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  • 2G Rapid Microbiological Analysis Kit
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    2G Rapid Microbiological Analysis Kit

    By aqua-tools

    The QGA 2G Refill kit is recommended for clear water with low level of total suspended solids (TSS; matières en suspension, MES). This kit measures the precise amount of intracellular ATP (excluding extracellular ...

  • Wastewater Test Kit
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    Wastewater Test Kit

    By LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

    The LuminUltra Wastewater (QG21W™ Test Kit) is the key to unlocking a new level of control in your biological wastewater treatment plant! It provides the ability to measure the active biomass population ...

  • Luminometer
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    By LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

    LuminUltra is proud to introduce the PhotonMaster, a purpose-built, low-cost luminometer specifically designed and optimized for LuminUltra`s patented line of 2nd Generation ATP test kits.

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  • BioThema AB

    BioThema AB

    BioThema developes, produces and sells reagents and kits for measuring ATP by the firefly luciferase reaction. Applications include rapid cell ...

  • LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

    LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

    LuminUltra’s innovative microbiological monitoring technologies provides fast, complete and accurate insight into microbiological activity. The ...

  • aqua-tools


    aqua-tools is an innovative company that specializes in water microbiology for industrial, sanitary and environmental applications. We provide ...