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  • LB-2 Septa, Solid Discs
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    LB-2 Septa, Solid Discs

    By Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

    Thermogreen LB-2 Septa diam. 10.0 mm ( 13/32 in.), pack of 250 ea.

  • Integrating Nephelometer
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    Integrating Nephelometer

    By Everise Technology Ltd.

    EA-22, using stable LED light source, could simultaneously measure the aerosol scattering coefficient of 3 wavelength, involving 450nm (blue), 525nm (green), 635nm (red), and provide analysis in research of ...

  • Settling System
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    Settling System

    By AppliTek NV

    Sample preconditioning is not restrained to simply filtration but consists of several techniques to precondition a sample. The EZ-Settler is a special sample conditioning system designed for handling very dense ...

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