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Bag Leak Detection equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    ENVEA - Model PCME DM 210 - Filter Dust / Leak Monitors

    The PCME DM 210 comprises a single compact sensor design with integrated user interface for reliable and robust particulate monitoring for all types of industrial processes.  Additional functionality allows the instrument to measure defined units (mg/m³) with QA checks if required by the Process Operator or Regulator.

    By ENVEA based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Filter Dust / Leak Monitors Product line

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    ENVEA - Model PCME LEAK LOCATE 660 Plus - Dust Emission Monitoring System

    The Leak Locate 660 PLUS is a dust emission monitoring system incorporating a digital network and advanced graphics capability. It is designed for use in any processes where filter type arrestment plant are used, eg bag, ceramic and cartridge filters. The system comprises up to 32 networked sensors, a central control unit, user interface with data ...

    By ENVEA based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Filter Dust / Leak Monitors Product line

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    ENVEA - Model PCME Leak Locate 320 - Multi Compartment Baghouse Monitoring System

    The PCME LEAK LOCATE 320 PLUS is a digitally networked, multi-compartment baghouse monitoring system providing remote observation of the condition of bag and cartridge filters. An ElectroDynamic™ sensor is installed in the outlet of each compartment to monitor dust emission levels.  The network of sensors is connected to the PLUS ...

    By ENVEA based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Multi-Chamber Filter Performance Monitors Product line

  • Broken Bag Detector

    The DustAlarm Broken Bag Detector provides reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in many powder and bulk solids industries.

    By Monitor Technologies LLC based in Elburn, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Pre-Guard - Prestart Powder

    PRE-GUARD (Prestart Powder) is used as an initial control layer on the filter bags. It also helps in the release of the dust cake during the cleaning cycle, improves initial efficiencies and protects the bags during critical initial startup after rebagging. Prestart powder is packaged in 34 lb. bags. (Covers 680 sq. ft. of cloth).

    By Standard Filter Corporation (SFC) based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Sintrol - Model S301 - Dust Monitor

    On/Off Switch for filter leak detection. With two independent alarm relays, Sintrol's S301 allows the end user to identify bag leaks and deterioration of filters.  Using our electric induction measurement principle, the dust monitor can be easily set up within 30 minutes of installation and gives plant operators quick notification of breaches ...

    By Sintrol Oy based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Process Monitoring Product line

  • TRIBO.dgd - Model 9000 - Dust Collector Monitoring System

    TRIBO.dgd was the first all-digital, dual channel, dust collector monitoring system for real-time bag leak detection. This monitor has the capability of detecting and locating the onset of bag leakage, while simultaneously receiving other selected parameters such as, velocity, differential pressure, fan motor amps, temperature and others.

    By Auburn Systems, LLC based in Danvers, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from TRIBO Product Line Product line

  • Bindicator - Model Flo-Guard - Broken Bag Detector

    Visual Indicators; LED lights indicate when the Flo-Guard bin level switch is powered on and when it goes into alarm. A test FOB can also be used with the indicator lights to evaluate the system's operation, without removing the switch's cover.

    By Bindicator - Specialty Product Technologies based in Spartanburg, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Material Handling Product line

  • Model SKV-900AT-HC-V1-CE - Compact Multipurpose Dust Collector

    Large capacity of prefilter (20 liters), ideal for larger particulates. Filter restoration system with a dust shaking lever to increase filter lifetime. Filter bag replacement without direct contact in order to avoid any leak of particulates. Maximum filtration rate: 99.97% for particulates ≥ 0.3µ. Control panel: speed regulator (level 1 ...

    By Chiko Airtec based in Charenton le Pont, FRANCE. from Compact Multipurpose Dust Collector Product line

  • Broken Bag Leak Detectors

    Bag leak monitoring systems are a key component to good filter management and optimization. B3 Systems provides a wide range of systems that meet the very basic needs with relays and analog signals to advanced needs with Ethernet communications and remote diagnostics.Our systems advanced systems go beyond just monitoring and provide filter ...

    By B3 Systems, Inc. based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Leak Detection Powder

    Leak Powder Swatch_Child pageLeak Detection Powder can be used if you suspect a problem with your baghouse or you want to make Leak Testing a part of your preventative maintenance schedule.  Routine Leak Testing is an important way to detect failed filters, cracked tubesheets or bad bag seals.  Using leak powder can help you avoid ...

    By C.P. Environmental, LLC (CPE) based in Romeoville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Leak Detection Powder & Precoat Filter Aid Product line

  • DustAlarm - Model ES - Broken Bag Detector

    The Dust Alarm® ES dust monitor provides reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in many powder and bulk solids industries. The The Dust Alarm® ES detector is designed for broken bag dust monitoring / filter leak detection in the exhaust ducts of baghouses, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and any other dust collector ...

    By Monitor Technologies LLC based in Elburn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Matsushima - Dust Monitor

    Dust Monitor continuously measures for 24 h the dust in exhaust gas at the secondary side of a dust collector or the like and outputs the alarm signal at the abnormal condition and monitors the relative variation of dust amount with an analog signal. It detects the triboelectric charge of dust hitting the sensor probe and make outputs relative to ...

    By Matsushima Measure Tech Co.,Ltd. based in Yahatanishi-ku, JAPAN. from Powder Measurement - Dust Monitor Product line

  • TRIBO Series - Model U3600 - Advanced, Self Checking, Particulate Emissions Monitor

    The U3600 provides a 4-20mA output and two independent SPDT relay contacts for alarm purposes. The easy-to-read, four color screen for real-time emission levels and alarm status is continuously on display. An optional digital output (Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP) is available for direct connection to plant network systems (PLC’s etc.) or bag leak ...

    By Auburn Systems, LLC based in Danvers, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from TRIBO Product Line Product line

  • Model RK3127 - Process Particulate Monitor

    Our RK3127 Process Particulate Monitor is designed to operate with our model 201LP triboelectric probe, or other compatible probes. Up to four (4) 201LP probes can be connected to each monitor. The Model 201LP monitor uses the Triboelectric principle to measure the electrical charge imparted by dust particles as they strike the probe. The charge ...

    By Redkoh Industries, Inc based in Hillsborough Township, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Pollution Monitoring Equipment Product line

  • Model AP Series - High Level Bag Palletizer

    The AP Series High Level Automatic Palletizers are designed and built to automatically stack bags, bales and boxes squarely and efficiently on a pallet. There are three different models from the AP Series that can suit your specific needs. The AP Series High Level Palletizers can greatly increase your palletizing efficiency and ...

    By Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) based in Riviere-du-Loup, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Conventional Palletizers Product line

  • - Baghouse Filter Hardware

    Your Dust Collector is a complex industrial machine that is made up of hundreds of different components. Sourcing so many different parts can be a maintenance nightmare.

    By based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA). from Dust Collectors Filters Product line

  • Dust Monitors, Dust Bag Filter Leak Detectors, Particulate Monitors

    Dust monitoring is a general term used for many applications that are required to or can benefit from the monitoring of particulate matter (PM). B3 Systems has many options that can reduce installation and maintenance costs, and insure the integrates into your system and the specific needs. B3 Systems provided integrated solutions for real-time ...

    By B3 Systems, Inc. based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Model FS - Non-Destructive Flexible Sensor System

    For flexible packages like blister, IV bags or induction sealed bottles, Wilco developed a non-destructive system using precise and highly sensitive force sensors. This technology is applied combining mechanical forces, squeezing, or vacuum forces, generated with a vacuum pump. The Wilco FS technology for Blisters provides detectability of small ...

    By WILCO AG based in Wohlen, SWITZERLAND. from Leak Detection Product line

  • MDSJ - Cyclones

    They are used to separate coarse dust particles from air and to decrease the dust particle load on the filter by operating as the preseparator before operation of dust collection filters in industrial facilities. While cyclones can hold all coarse dust particles up to 50 µ, the ones below 50 µ cannot be caught. The leaking dusts have ...

    By MDSJ (Mühendislik Makina Sanayi Lojistik) based in Istanbul, TURKEY. from Other Product line

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