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  • MicroLab Series – Fully Automated Oil Analyzer

    MicroLab Series – Fully Automated Oil Analyzer

    Introduction The MicroLab 1 is a fully automated, bench-top analyzer specifically designed for the analysis of oil samples to provide comprehensive analytical and diagnostic results of engine, generator, gearbox, hydraulics, power steering and transmission fluids. The MicroLab was developed to bring oil analysis capability to any company that maintains equipment and seeks to improve their overall ...


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  • Process EDXRF Elemental Analyzer

    Process EDXRF Elemental Analyzer

    Featuring advanced third-generation EDXRF technology, the Rigaku NEX OL on-line process analyzer represents the next evolution of elemental analysis for liquid stream and fixed position web and coil applications. Non-destructively analyze for elements aluminum (Al) to uranium (U) in realtime.