Benzene (C6H6) Monitoring

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  • Benzene Analyzer
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    Benzene Analyzer

    By Lumex Instruments Group

    BA-15 is a multifunctional benzene analyzer based on the differential absorption spectrometry using the direct Zeeman effect. The instrument is intended for measuring BENZENE vapour concentration in the ambient air and ...

  • Butadiene Analyzer
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    Butadiene Analyzer

    By Chromatotec Group

    A GC/PID for automatic monitoring of BTEX in air, water and soils. This instrument uses a port valve with a single absorbent trap, and a 30 meter metallic 0.28 mm ID column. Minimum detection level as low as 10 ppt for ...

  • Benzene and BTEX Analyser
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    Benzene and BTEX Analyser

    By Synspec BV

    The Syntech Spectras GC955 series 600 BTX analyser is built for the measurement of benzene, toluene and xylene isomers in ambient air.

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  • Synspec BV

    Synspec BV

    Synspec, started in 1993 by Titia and Frank Meuwese is since 1998 market leader for the online benzene and BTEX analysers. The company has a strong ...

  • Passam Ltd.

    Passam Ltd.

    Passam ltd. produces diffusive samplers for ambient monitoring. Passam provides analytical service in spectrophotometry, ion chromatography and gas ...

  • Focused Photonics Inc. (FPI)

    Focused Photonics Inc. (FPI)

    Focused Photonics Inc. (also known as FPI) measures gas, air, dust and water, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of analytical ...

  • Process Ecology

    Process Ecology

    Process Ecology was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2003. We have substantial experience in engineering consulting for the oil and gas industry as ...