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  • Designing PEDOT–based sensors for antioxidant analysis

    Designing PEDOT–based sensors for antioxidant analysis

    Antioxidants play important roles in food quality and the protection and promotion of human health. The most commonly used antioxidant determination techniques are the Folin–Ciocalteu assay and HPLC analyses. However, these methods have various disadvantages such as long time requirements, low sensitivity, interfering agents etc. Cyclic voltammetry at inert electrodes is another method for ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Food/Beverage Titrino plus

    Food/Beverage Titrino plus

    The Food/Beverage Titrino plus offers you the complete package for all conventional analyses of foods, beverages and wine. You receive an all-inclusive care package comprised of titrator, magnetic stirrer, electrode, electrolyte and storage solution for the Ecotrode Plus, the optimum pH glass electrode for aqueous acid-base titrations. Buffers for calibration are also included.