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  • Bilge Alarm Type BilgMon 488TM
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    Bilge Alarm Type BilgMon 488TM

    By Petrik Naval

    Petrik Naval has engineers to carry out the annual and 5th annual calibration, certification and verification, also troubleshooting and repair of Oily Water  Separator 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors. According to the ...

  • Bilge Alarm
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    Bilge Alarm

    By Hermont Marine Inc. & Hermont Tech

    DECKMA is a global leader in bilge effluent monitoring. DECKMA was one of the first manufacturers to receive IMO resolution MEPC.107(49) approval for their OMD-2005 Bilge Alarm. Today DECKMA supplies to Bilge Separator ...

  • Oil Water Monitor - 15ppm Bilge Alarm
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    Oil Water Monitor - 15ppm Bilge Alarm

    By Mackay Communications, Inc.

    The OMD-21 Bilge Alarm Monitor was designed by Deckma Hamburg GmbH for use in conjunction with 15 ppm Oily Water Separator Systems. The performance and specifications of the OMD-21 comply with the International Maritime ...

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  • NAG Marine

    NAG Marine

    NAG Marine is a systems integration technology company that sells, designs, services, and installs shipboard systems and associated control ...


    AUXILIARY MARPOL INSTALLATIONSBilge Separator15PPM Bilge Alarm Monitors - Servicing, Repair, Calibration and VerificationOur team of service ...