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  • PFC Pollution in the office environment

    PFC Pollution in the office environment

    A new study suggests that exposure to chemical pollution could be a particular problem in the office environment. Researchers in the United States have found a link between Polyfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) in the air of a number of offices and their presence in the blood of the people working there. Polyfluorinated Compounds are water and stain-resistant and they have been used for many years, ...


  • 5 Everyday uses for Chromatography

    Although you might not be familiar with Chromatography, it has an impact on your everyday life. The process is used to find out what substances are composed of by separating compunds into their various components and its use affects everything from ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Glass Capillaries

    Glass Capillaries

    Both end open melting point capillary 3 " long 1/250,length 75mm