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Model Opti-Cal - Humidity Calibrator

by Kahn & Company, Inc.     based in Wethersfield, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Stand-alone calibrator for relative humidity (RH) sensors providing humidity and temperature profiling with a built-in, NIST traceable optical reference hygrometer.

CalibrateIT - Model C9 - Calibration Instruments

by Nolek AB     based in Norsborg, SWEDEN

Nolek offers user-friendly calibration units for quick and easy calibration of leak test instruments. Today, our calibration product range consists of the newly developed CalibrateIT C9 instrument, which can be used on all types of leak test instruments.

Environics - Model Series 9100 - Ambient Monitoring Calibration System

by Environics, Inc.     based in Tolland, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The Environics Series 9100 Computerized Ambient Monitoring Calibration System is an advanced microprocessor controlled instrument for dynamic calibration of ambient air analyzers.The Environics 9100 is the unit of choice in the Air Quality Monitoring Programs of the EPA and California Air Resource Board (CARB). The Series 9100 can house up to ...

Sierra CalTrak - Model 500 - Modular Gas Flow Calibrator

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Sierra's CalTrak 500 is a high-accuracy, modular primary standard gas flow calibrator for all inert gases. Fast and portable, the 500 offers standardized accuracy of ±0.35% for customers who have many flow instruments to be validated or calibrated frequently. Primarily used for standard calibration and ...

CalTrak - Model XL Series - High-Flow Gas Mass Flow Calibrator

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The CalTrak® XL is the leading high-flow primary standard calibrator on the market today. With increased demand for higher flows of process gas, there is a requirement to validate and calibrate high flow gas meters and controllers. Designed to replace aging bell provers, the XL meets that need with an impressive standardized accuracy of ...

Environics - Model Series 2000-U - Ultraclean Computerized Calibration System

by Environics, Inc.     based in Tolland, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Purity of calibration gas is assured with the Series 2000 Ultraclean Gas Calibration system. Manufactured with metal seal Mass Flow controllers and orbitally welded joints, this system has minimal dead volume and maintains an ultra-low leak rate to prevent atmospheric contamination of gas calibration standards.

RADeCO - Model D-812, D-828 AND D-8528 - Air Flow Calibrators

by RADēCO, Inc .     based in Plainfield, CONNECTICUT (USA)

RADēCO Air Flow Calibrators are the most durable and repeatable calibration devices available. RADēCO calibrators are constructed of a precision machined aluminum venturi tube and an appropriately ranged intelligent digital meter mounted in a rugged steel case. Simple, cost effective and consistently accurate year after year.RADēCO ...

EiUK - Model PTB Series - Portable Temperature Calibrators

by Eurotron Instruments (UK) Ltd. (EiUK)     based in Daventry, UNITED KINGDOM

The  EiUK PTB series is the top of the range multi functional Dry Block Temperature Calibrators offered by EiUK- It comes in 3 different models to cover and extended range from -45 to 1100 Deg C.  The EiUK PTB series is designed for both on-site maintenance or laboratory use and combines  high portability with excellent temperature ...

TAPI - Model T700 - Multigas Dilution Calibrator

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation (TAPI)     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Model T700 is a microprocessor based calibrator for precision gas analyzers. Using highly accurate mass flow controllers combined with compressed sources of standard gases, calibration standards are provided for multipoint span and zero calibrations using up to 4 gas sources.

HI-Q - Model D-AFC-Series - Digital Air Flow Calibrator Communication Options

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Through the implementation of a barometric pressure sensor, thermocouple, precision machined venturi tube and differential pressure sensor, HI-Q's D-AFC- Series microprocessor based air flow calibrators are useds to measure, record, & display instantaneous flow rate (i.e.: CFM, LPM, or CMH), temperature (degrees C or F), and barometric ...

Checker, Flowmeter Calibration

by General Oceanics Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

The model 2030CF Calibration Frame provides a check on the proper operation of your Model 2030 and 2031 series flowmeters. The frame imparts a torsionally precise spin to the rotor and a count difference is noted in the flowmeter window. A minimum count is necessary for the flowmeter to be within calibration.

Landtec - Calibration Gas Kit For Instruments

by LANDTEC     based in Colton, CALIFORNIA (USA)

LANDTEC’s certified primary standard grade calibration gas assures highest quality for your instrument calibration needs.

Model 306 Series - Ozone Calibration Source

by 2B Technologies     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

The 2B Technologies Model 306 Ozone Calibration Source is a portable source of ozone that allows you to calibrate any ozone monitor - not just those manufactured by 2B Tech. The instrument scrubs ozone from ambient air and produces any mixing ratio of ozone in the range 30 to1,000 ppbv. The desired ozone concentration is chosen from the ...

Calibration Gas Mixtures

by Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd     based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, UNITED KINGDOM

Scientific and Technical Gases can supply custom made gas and liquid mixtures for all analytical, detection and process applications in a wide range of container sizes.

Humidity Calibration

by ROTRONIC AG     based in Bassersdorf, SWITZERLAND

Calibration of humidity instrumentation is essential to maintain accurate and reliable measurements.  Unlike other measurement sensors for parameters such as temperature and pressure, humidity sensors must be in direct contact with the environment to be measured.  As such, humidity sensors are therefore more likely to have their performance ...

Model 408 Series - Nitric Oxide Calibration Source

by 2B Technologies     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

The Model 408 Nitric Oxide Calibration Source is a portable source of nitric oxide that allows one to calibrate any nitric oxide monitor.  The instrument scrubs NO from ambient air and produces either zero air or air having a mixing ratio of NO in the range 10-1,000 parts-per-billion by volume (ppbv).  The desired NO concentration is ...

Calibration Kit for Uranium

by ANDalyze     based in Champaign, ILLINOIS (USA)

Calibration kit consists of three (3) calibration sensors, a lead standard solution, four (4) syringes, three (3) sample tubes.

Calibration Kit for Lead

by ANDalyze     based in Champaign, ILLINOIS (USA)

Calibration kit consists of three (3) calibration sensors, a lead standard solution, four (4) syringes, three (3) sample tubes.

Sabio - Model 4010L - Gas Dilution Calibrator

by Sabio Instruments, a division of Sutron Corporation     based in Round Rock, TEXAS (USA)

Users can easily perform gas dilution, ozone, and GPT calibration with Sabio Instrument’s intelligent Model 4010 gas dilution calibrator. The Model 4010 was designed to set a new standard of quality and performance for gas dilution calibrators. Enhanced with the latest technology, Sabio’s Model 4010 calibration system is an intuitive ...

Sonimix - Model 3030 - Gas Calibration Systems

by LNI Swissgas     based in Chatelaine-Geneva, SWITZERLAND

The SONIMIX 3030 is a calibration system, specially developed for simple applications.

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