Chemical Warfare Agent Detection

Articles & Whitepapers

  • NH4+ Ionization for Explosives and CWA Detection

    NH4+ Ionization for Explosives and CWA Detection

    Crucial application benefits from fast switching NH4+ ionizationThe proprietary and IONICON exclusive method of producing NH4+ solely from H2O vapor and N2 in the established hollow cathode ion source, without the need of any ammonia (PCT application submitted) has


Equipment & Solutions

  • Gas Detection Camera

    Gas Detection Camera

    Designed for early warning and real time visualization of dangerous gases, the Second Sight® MS is the perfect solution for critical area surveillance and protection against chemical threats (Chemical Warfare Agents, Toxic Industrial Compounds). The Second Sight® MS detects, identifies and visualizes a cloud of dangerous gas in real time at a distance up to 5km, for a night and day ...