Chloride Monitoring

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  • Chloride Meters
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    Chloride Meters

    By Cole-Parmer Instrument Company

    The PCLM3 chloride meter can be used to determine chloride concentrations in numerous types of samples. Biological samples such as serum, plasma, urine, sweat and cerebrospinal fluid are commonly tested. Other samples ...

  • Potassium Chloride for Speciated Traps
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    Potassium Chloride for Speciated Traps

    By Aura Scientific, LLC

    This potassium chloride is used to generate calibration curve(s) to analyze Aura-Scientific speciated traps.

  • Chloride Analyzer
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    Chloride Analyzer

    By Sherwood Scientific Ltd

    The Sherwood Model 926 is used for the determination of chloride ions. It is an instrumental analogue of `Argentimetry`, the traditional titrimetric methods using silver nitrate reagent. Like these classic methods it ...

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