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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Automotive Manufacturing - Case Study

    Automotive Manufacturing - Case Study

    Tri-Mer upgrades NOx scrubber for TABC, Toyota’s first North American manufacturing plant. TABC produces components, welded subassemblies, steering columns, and service parts for Toyota’s North American facilities, Tesla Motors, Toyota Motor Sales, and for export. Tri-Mer began by increasing residence time in two existing scrubber columns; one was replaced with a ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Automatic Isothermal Gas Chromatograph Analyzer

    Automatic Isothermal Gas Chromatograph Analyzer

    An autoGC-trap-FPD for low sulfur quantification. airmo S is a fully automatic isothermal gas Chromatograph for the ana­lysis & monitoring of sulfur compounds with Sulfur Specific Detector. This solution is specific for application where low sensitivity on sulfurs must be reached. This auto GC uses a valve with 1 sample trap, and metallic capillary columns.

Upcoming Events

  • 2-day Hands-on GC Theory, Methods & Maintenance

    2-day Hands-on GC Theory, Methods & Maintenance

    Spend the first day learning the theory of gas chromatography and then using this knowledge to create split and splitless methods, perform manual and liquid autosampler injections and change oven temperature programs to optimise the separation of analytes detected with an FID. The final day combines learning the reasons why maintenance is required, what happens if maintenance isn’t ...

1-day Hands-on GC Theory and Methods

Sep. 7rd - 7th | Milton Keynes

5-day Hands-on Complete GC & GC-MS

Sep. 7rd - 11th | Milton Keynes

1-day Hands-on GC Maintenance

Sep. 8rd - 8th | Milton Keynes

3-day Hands-on GC Theory, Methods, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Sep. 9rd - 11th | Milton Keynes